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KD now the all-time leading scorer in Olympic men’s basketball. USA comes from ten down to beat Spain 95-81. Durant got 13 of his 29 in the third to put the Americans into the semis in Tokyo. Yankee Hoop DNA may be finally asserting itself.

Simone? She competed. She tried. She owes me and us nothing. I’m good. Peace to her.

But…Holy Lumber Hopper!  Are you KIDDING me? Norway’s Karsten Warholm broke his own world record by taking the gold in the 400 m hurdles in 45.94.  Say WHAT? Folks, that’s one of the greatest athletic achievements of all time.  I mean that’s “Beamonesque” stuff.

The Colts are a good team. That D is Da Troof. Indy appears to be Super Bowl ready. Except, you know, they suddenly find themselves with no quarterback and no idea who will start the season at that position. Uhhh, weren’t they in that same situation just a couple of years ago?

They either 1) should have been wary of playing “footsie” with injury-prone Carson Wentz, or 2) made sure they had at least somebody else on their roster who had ever started an NFL game. Right now second year man Jacob Eason is taking their first-team camp reps. That’s a, shall we say, less than optimal scenario.  But don’t worry. They do have rookies Sam Ehlinger and Jalen Morton to back up Eason.

What in the wide, wide world of sports?…

Naturally, speculation is that Colts Coach Frank Reich will try to work a deal with the Bears to get Nick Foles. Reich was the OC for the Eagles four years ago when Foles not only saved their ass after Wentz went down, he won the SB. Foles is now backing up Andy Dalton in Chicago.

Foles was asked about this. His response was one of the most brilliant I have ever heard. After putting out the perfunctory (and I think sincere) praise for his friends Reich and Wentz, Westlake Nicky said, “Right now I’m a Chicago Bear. So, I’m gonna keep slingin’ it with these third-stringers and we’re going to dice ‘em up.”  Stunningly great. Marry me, Nick?

Bills say they’ll either work out a long-term extension with Josh Allen by next week or they’ll table it until after the season.  I like Allen.  A lot. Maybe we’ll all get to see him in Austin in a couple of years. Hook ‘em, Bills!

Quinn Ewers. Yeah, sadly, I know who he is. I say “sadly” because I’m always disappointed in myself anytime I recognize the name of a 16 or 17 year old football player.  Kindly do something first.  Go to class. Be a good teammate. Be a good dude. And then maybe I’ll try to remember your name.

Yeah, Ewers was the “Number Two Ranked High School QB in the Known Universe” by the Monkeys with Computers who rank these things. I say “was” because he’s not a h.s. quarterback any more. Quinn is ditching his senior season at the Southlake Sonic Drive-In (cheese tots!) for Columbus, where he will immediately enroll at The Ohio State University, and be eligible to compete for the Buckeyes’ starting job. Does Quinn The Eskimo (that’s cold!) ring a bell with you, Longhorn fans? He committed to UT before he decommitted. Kinda like a politician who was for a bill before he was against it.

Ewers admits that part of his decision was his inability to financially capitalize on his NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) at the high school level. He is now going to be free to fleece Columbus big-cigar auto dealers. Good to know he’ll have enough dough to go to the movies every now and then.

I only have one question right now.  Is it too early in the day for crystal meth?

Astros at Dodgers tonight.  I’m hoping to see Lance McCullers JUNIOR walkin’ with the queen.  And his hair is perfect.  Ahhh-OOOOOHHH!

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