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The worst fear of 31 NFL teams has been realized. The Baltimore Ravens can come from behind to win.

That’s not only a game changer. It could be a league changer. Before Sunday night, that was the Ravens’ fatal flaw. Sure, they were a great team, but if you got ‘em down, you could boat race ‘em. Nobody ever comes from behind to win a boat race, right?

Baltimore not only overcame an 11-point fourth quarter deficit to win. Baltimore overcame an 11-point fourth quarter deficit to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.


I guess the Cowboys just wanted to make that winning field goal more exciting. You know, just for fun. Take your time, guys. Substitution problems? Clock problems?

No problem. 56 yards is a long way. But not too long for Greg Zuerlein–the same Greg Zuerlein who missed two field goals and a PAT ten days earlier in Tampa. That’s football. That’s the life of a kicker. Zuerlein got tossed into a postgame shower by his teammates. Unlike ten days earlier, this time the baptismal liquid was presumably water.

I wonder what the Vikings “bathed” their kicker in yesterday in Arizona. I felt badly for the Vikes’ radio play-by-play dude. “It’s good!  It’s good!” Actually, uh, no, it wasn’t.

Don’t “anoint” the Cowboys yet. But that was impressive. Dallas overcame chaotic lineup changes in both the offensive and defensive lines. That newly-emerging 1-2 thunder and lightning punch of Zeke Elliott and Tony Pollard looks devastating.

Dak? He did not throw a single touchdown pass for the first time in his last seven games. But with the game on the line, Prescott was 5-5 to set up Zuerlein’s 56-yard winner.

That’s the 11th time in his still relatively young NFL career that Dak has brought the Cowboys back to win when trailing or tied in the fourth quarter.  “Captain Comeback II”? That’s a Staubachian pace. Yes. Hell, yes. I just invented an adjective. Staubachian.

I’m clean out of adjectives to describe Chargers’ second year quarterback Justin Herbert. Yep. He threw two costly picks and went mentally AWOL on that sack/grounding thing late in the game.

But Holy Mother of Pearl. That kid is the goods. I’m gonna say it. He can make some throws that no other quarterback in the league can make. Yes, that includes Patrick Mahomes.

Five more TD passes for Brady. That’s nine. After two games. Brady is now easily on pace to throw more touchdown passes in his 40s than he did in his 20s. Uhhh…what?

I’m really pretty easy to please as a fan. Just play your asses off, and I’ll love you win or lose. The Texans are becoming uncommonly lovable.

Unfortunately, after yesterday in Cleveland, they are also uncommonly beat up. It seemed as if a Houston player went down every eight seconds in the second half. And the Texans have to play Thursday. As in three days from now.  Without Tyrod, they may be “hamstrung.”

That was the only downside to NFL Week Two. I love football. I hate injuries. That got ugly Sunday. Everywhere.

How was that not ruled a game winning safety in Seattle?  Wilson was in the end zone, period. It would have been a violation of Cosmic Law if the Titans hadn’t overcome that officiating faux pas to win anyway.

Membra how much we were talking about Jameis a week ago?  We can put that back on hold.

But membra how much we were talking about Derek Carr?  Let’s keep talking. Manly.

And Teddy? You mean 2-0 Teddy? That Teddy?

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