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If you’re an Astros fan, you can only hope to make it to November.

Hey, Longhorns. They say that two can be a fluke, but three’s a habit. You got a monkey on your back. Rehab time?

It was completely predictable. Was there ever a doubt? As soon as the ‘Horns got up eleven, they were doomed.

Missed opportunities. Errant throws. Dropped balls. A run defense that can’t shut off running water. This is more than just déjà vu. This follows a script. Texas gets off to a good start, primarily because of exceptionally well-crafted game plans on both sides of the ball. Sark runs through his scripted plays, and the offense rolls. Then he hits the end of the script, and Texas hits the end of its rope. Then the doubt sets in. And before you know it somebody else’s band is playing.

Oh, and can somebody tell ABC/ESPN’s Joe Tessitore that its “Baylor” and not “Beller”? And, actually, it’s prounounced, “They Nasty!”

I’m not really a Heisman guy. It’s just never interested me that much. But the Heisman is all about “shiny” at this time of the year. Nobody’s shinier than Michigan State running back Kenneth Walker III. That was an historic performance in a fabulous football game Saturday in East Lansing as Sparty came from 16 down to beat Michigan 37-33. Walker laid down 23 carries for 197 yards and five TDs. I said five TDs. It’s your trophy as far as I’m concerned, young man.

Oh, and here’s the thing, Harbaugh. You either beat Ohio State, or you’re gone. And you ain;t gonna beat Ohio State.

So, yeah, running for five touchdowns is good. So is throwing for six of them. That’s what Au Jus freshmen quarterback Caleb Williams did. He did it to Texas Tech. That must be taken into account. So, maybe an asterisk is worth considering.

Things can change in a hurry for teams and players. Remember a month ago when Spencer Rattler was The Man in Norman? Yesterday he was a garbage-time reliever for Williams, whose arm I’m sure was about to fall off. Rattler tossed a TD, the seventh of the day for Au Jus.

Oregon’s pretty good. And they’ve only ducked up once.

Dang, Iowa. WTH?

And what about you, Arizona State?

I’m sure it was nice while it lasted, San Diego State.

Wake Forest is now a football school. Yes.

Maybe you thought that Auburn win over Ole Miss was an upset. I didn’t.

But Mississippi State smackin’ Kentucky? I didn’t see that coming. Maybe I should have. That’s two pretty impressive SEC skins on the wall for the Pirate, between Kentucky and Aggies. I hope Leach doesn’t OD on candy corn tonight.

The current Texas coach is fo and fo. So is former Texas Coach Mack Brown, who now is trying to keep the tar on his heels and off his feathers. The Domers gave N.C. a beatdown.

Houston beat SMU. Paul, is it really that happy an occasion for you when SMU loses? Yes. Yes, it is.

We’re not talking about my Owls. At least not today.

Sunday Pig Palooza


Steelers at Browns

Titans at Colts

Bucs at Saints

Cowboys at Vikings

Things to look for in Minnesota tonight:

  1. Dak
  2. CeeDee Lamb’s jersey and socks. He’s already been fined $48,000 this season (and the season is young) for uniform violations and a little bit of taunting.

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