Paul’s Daily Ration: 11/14/21

“Hang Mike Pence” is just “common sense,” right? Ignoring lawful subpoenas is justifiable, and not criminal contempt of Congress, as it clearly appears, right? A non-executive stonewalling the release of public documents in the name of “executive privilege” is perfectly logical, correct? And, of course, all of this insanity is advanced in the name of […]

Sports Blog: 11/14/21

You are probably thinking I’m gonna get snarky and sarcastic about the Longhorns. No. This is just sad. And disorienting. Texas just got beat in boys tackle football, at home, in overtime by a basketball school by a basketball score. No snark. Sadness. I’ll save the snark for Waco. “Ambivalence” for me is turning out […]