Paul’s Daily Ration: 11/20/21

I’m not ok with what Kyle Rittenhouse did. I find his decisions and motives to be indefensible and his words to be disingenuous. I think his actions will prove to be a dangerous precedent that will encourage copycat nut-jobs and hasten our national descent into insanity.  I don’t like Kyle Rittenhouse and I do not […]

Paul’s Daily Ration: 11/19/21

Today’s Poll Question: Whose “self-defense” defense is more ridiculous?  Kyle Rittenhouse’s Travis McMichael’s Don’t stress.  There is no wrong answer. Cultists have spent the past two years proving they know nothing about biology and virology. Now they are proving to be equally ignorant and arrogant about economics. There are countless things for which Americans can […]

Sports Blog: 11/19/21

No, the Patriots aren’t going to win the Super Bowl. At least, you know, uhh, I don’t think so. Right? No, the Patriots aren’t even going to the Super Bowl. Right? I mean, I’m pretty sure, you know? But that’s five straight for the Pats. It’s all about complementary football. And situational football. And some […]