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Remember when there was a Blockbuster on every street corner in America? Apparently now they exist only on Friday afternoons in the NFL.


You know what you call anyone who now says they saw that coming? A liar.

We just experienced maybe the greatest season—certainly the greatest postseason—in NFL history.

This is now officially the greatest offseason in NFL history.

Think about it. If Deshaun Watson had NOT been traded yesterday, Friday would still have been a humongous football news day.

Where to start unpacking? Let’s start here. EVERYBODY seems to be “all in,” following the Rams’ Super Bowl model. And that is fantastic!

The Browns are trendy and bold. Who would have ever thought that would be the case?

The Texans, armed with all that draft capital, could get pretty good pretty quickly. Yeah, that’s a pretty crazy sentence, too.

Cleveland just traded away three number ones, a third and a fourth, for a quarterback who will not even be available at least at the start of the 2022 season. Watson is not facing criminal charges, but the Jolly Roger is going to sit him down. Period. Eight games? Seventeen? That is not out of the realm.

Two hundred thirty million dollars? And that’s not NFL Funny Money. It’s all fully guaranteed.

One quick random thought about this. Amari Cooper just lit up a big ol’ stogey. As did Tom Brady and Bruce Arians. Watson is not headed to New Orleans, Atlanta or Carolina. That means Tampa Bay has already clinched the NFC South Championship.

Baker Mayfield? Oy.

Matt Ryan?  A true professional. He’ll be fine.

So  Who’s going to play quarterback in Indianapolis? Or Seattle? Or San Francisco?

And consider this. The AFC North now has Deshaun Watson, Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson. And the North has to take a BACK SEAT to the West. Mahomes, Wilson, Herbert and Carr?  Outrageous!

I’m loving the Chiefs’ pickup of JuJu Smith-Schuster. That’s more than just a nice fit.

Hard to believe that Davante Adams has in two days been relegated to “in other news” status.

Dallas has acquired pass rusher Dante Fowler, who was released by the Falcons last month. Fowler will be reunited with Cowboys DC Dan Quinn, who was his head coach for a time in Atlanta in 2020. Worth a roll of the dice. It’s a one-year deal.

Interesting that Anheuser-Busch has severed ties with the Washington Commanders, apparently because of the endless series of sexual harassment allegations. Hmmm. How is A-B gonna handle the Browns now?

I was devastated to learn of the passing of NFL reporting legend John Clayton. What a good, good man.

Yeah, I watched some hoop yesterday. Good win for the ‘Horns. And the Houston Cougars are good to go.

Dear Tom Izzo. Please beat Duke.

Carlos Correa to the Twins.  Dang it.

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