10/21/22 ‘Stros are tougher than boot leather. And Kyler Murray is still a punk.

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Most impressive, Astros. Now it’s time to take a big bite out of the Big Apple on Saturday. Houston is 5-0 in the postseason. The ‘Stros could have lost any or all of those games. But the point is, they didn’t. This team is tougher than boot leather. Framber Valdez showed remarkable composure in keeping it together after his fielding and throwing error allowed the Yankees to get back in the game in the top of the fourth. And Houston closer Ryan Pressly is currently unhittable.

That was a good move, and a bold one, by the ‘Niners. The only question about McCaffrey is his health and availability. This trade makes sense for everyone. SF realizes its championship window won’t be open forever, and C-Mac can add some much-needed explosiveness to that offense. Carolina is in full-blown rebuilding mode, and picking up second, third and fourth round picks in 2023 and a fifth-rounder in ’24 will provide a solid foundation. This will be great for the ‘Niners until McCaffrey grabs the back of his leg.  Harsh? Factual.

From a Cowboys perspective, the stage could not be more perfectly set for Dak’s return. The Lions have some offensive punch, but their defense is a travesty. All Dak’s right thumb is going to have to do Sunday is secure the ball enough to hand off to Zeke and
Tony on any play to the left side of the formation. Unless McCarthy and Moore get too cute, which is always a danger.

Yeah, the Cardinals won a football game. Yeah, D-Hop looked great (103 receiving yards) in his return from that six-game PED suspension. But they’re going nowhere. Don’t tell me Kyler Murray’s profane and highly visible tirade directed at his head coach was just “fiery competitiveness.”  Horse hockey. Kyler Murray is a punk. Zero respect.

And, Kliffie, you looked like a complete wuss in your postgame press conference.

Hey, Dalton. Your team could have won that game if you had taken better care of the football. As it is, the Saints are now 2-5 and that is almost certainly a wrap.

Kamara told his Saints teammates that everyone needs to be held accountable. Roger. Does that include not beating the crap out of a guy outside a LV casino in the offseason?

I’ll give Brady full credit for this. He issued an apology for his recent podcast statement likening the start of an NFL season to military deployment. He owned it. He seemed to genuinely realize the offensiveness of his remarks. Time to let it go, IMO.

That’s a big game Saturday in the Big-12 as surging Texas visits Number 11 Oklahoma State. The Cowboys will be without sixth-year player and starting defensive tackle Brendon Evers, who announced Thursday he will skip the rest of the season to prepare for the NFL Draft. Yay, team, right? Coachie doesn’t always understand this world…

Anybody seen Pistons G.M. Rob Murphy lately? What? He’s under investigation for workplace misconduct involving a female former employee? What is it with NBA coaches and front-office types?

I’m so done with Kawhi Leonard. But that’s not news.

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