05/20/23 Unlike any other player

Jim Brown is dead. I’m stunned and disoriented, despite the fact he was 87. I saw him do so many things I had never seen before or since that I always figured he’d break Death’s arm-tackle, too. Not even The Grim Reaper himself would dare front-up Jim Brown, lest he get trucked. I saw the […]

05/19/23 A city on nitrous oxide!

Lest you ever doubt the cultural and psychological impact sports can have on people and communities, compare San Antonio and San Antonians this Friday morning as compared to 72 hours ago. It’s like this whole city is on laughing gas. It’s really kinda cute—a word I almost never use. “They” always say an NBA playoff […]

05/18/23 Loosen Up, everybody!

The third quarter told the tale in Boston as the Miami Heat erased a nine-point halftime deficit to beat the Celtics 123-116 in the opener of their Eastern Conference finals series. Miami outscored Boston 46-25 in the third to get the road win behind Jimmy Butler’s 35 points, 20 of them coming in the second […]

05/17/23 There was never a doubt!

George “Iceman” Gervin: “One thing I could do is finger roll.” Spurs fans: “One thing we can do is win draft lotteries.” Take THAT, Pistons and Rockets! Was there ever a doubt? No. I just assumed that the Princes of Ping Pong Balls and Placards would prevail. That was a lock. I had already been […]

05/16/23 “Houston, we have a solution!”

C.J. Stroud has no obvious weaknesses. And I don’t mean that as faint praise. Stroud is a remarkable athlete who laid down some often eye-popping game tape at Ohio State and followed that up with virtuoso passing performances at the Combine and his pro day. I see no “red flags” for the rookie the Texans […]


At first, I thought some Sunday staffer at ESPN had accidentally re-aired an old story. But, no, turns out Ja Morant really is that much of an idiot. Are you kidding? Again? That dude appears to have a problem with guns, videos, social media and Saturday nights. Doc Rivers says he intends to return as […]


It’s pretty good football. That’s my assessment following the first season of this iteration of the XFL. The impressive thing to me is that the resurrected league learned from its earlier mistakes. The championship game came off well Saturday night in the Alamo and produced a stunning upset as the Arlington Renegades upset the heavily […]


Full disclosure. I did not stay up late enough Friday night to watch the live telecast of Game Six between the Warriors and Lakers, despite my strong interest in it. But I did get up shortly after 3 a.m. Saturday to watch the replay in its entirety. I gotta give it up to L.A. That […]


The NFL doesn’t even have to play football games to spark excitement. All it has to do is announce that it is going to play football games. The schedule reveal was a hit. It always is. Things got real last night when we found out who is playing whom, when and where. I’ll have plenty […]


That Game Five Sixer win looked pretty convincing, did it not? It won’t be easy being green from here on out, with “out” looming for the Celtics. As for the Nuggets and Suns, it’s been all about the homecourt so far. We’ll see if the Suns can hold serve in Game Six. That brief dustup […]