Paul’s Daily Ration: 07/01/21 ADDENDUM 10:40 AM

10:40 a.m. I really don’t have a problem with SCOTUS upholding the particular two Arizona voting provisions that were challenged under the VRA. My concern is the decision’s implications limiting other challenges going forward under Section 2.  The two Arizona provisions did not strike me as discriminatory.  But other laws and proposed laws in other […]

Sports Blog: 07/01/21

CP.  Chris Perseverance. Hell, yes, that moved me. I have long regarded perseverance as the master human virtue, the one from which all others flow. Chris Paul will play in the NBA Finals for the first time in his 16-year career.  It didn’t come easy, Ringo. He has partially torn ligaments in his right hand.  […]

Paul’s Daily Ration: 07/01/21

Bill Cosby is not innocent. But Bill Cosby is free.  And Bill Cosby is “home free” with respect to any new charges. Yes, it’s disgusting. Yes, it violates our innate sense of justice. And, yes, it is devastating for the dozens of victims who have made credible accusations against Cosby. But frustrating as it is […]