Paul's Daily Ration

05/29/23 NEVER FORGET.

“Thank you” is hopelessly inadequate on Memorial Day or any other day. But thank you. We honor your sacrifice, and we owe you everything. Here’s

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05/23/23 I’M AGGIN’ IT!

Nobody likes a show-off, narcissistic flexer. That was a muscle-head decision by the NFL Monday. Thursday Night flex scheduling is insanity, one that reflects zero

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Be Our Guest

I blame the media

I recently had a conversation with a friend who enjoys taking jabs at the media.  I also have a lot of friends who prefer more

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A Familiar Sad End

March 8, 1971, was a seminal moment for me and sports.  In this case, it was boxing.  That is when the undisputed heavyweight champion of

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#UvaldeStrong A war cry against the purest form of evil. A community rallying against brutal, horrific violence that will forever scar and haunt not only

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Brian Flores vs. NFL

“I live my life by dealing in truth,” said Brian Flores.  The former head coach of the Miami Dolphins recently shook the NFL by filing

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