Paul’s Daily Ration: 09/05/21

Climate change is real. ‘Rasslin’ is fake. COVID is real. Q is fake. Science is real. Superstition is fake. Facts exist. The Deep State is fake. I have teeth. Yours are fake, to the extent you have a toof. Masks work. So do minorities. Enjoy that Banjo Concerto. Now go narc out an Uber driver. […]

Sports Blog: 09/05/21

That was a scary opener for Texas. But Texas never looked scared. That’s my takeaway from Sark’s debut in Austin. The ‘Horns looked prepared, composed, alert, confident and eager—adjectives seldom used to describe Texas football in recent years. Louisiana is good, maybe very good. And the Cajuns got their Ragin’s removed in a surgical operation. […]