Sports Blog: 10/05/21

NFL coaching is a “grind,” as Urban Meyer can attest. Paul’s NFL Power Rankings (through Week Four) Cardinals Bills Buccaneers Cowboys Rams Packers Ravens Browns Chargers Chiefs Tomorrow, is “Watch Yo Ass Wednesday!” I’ll look forward to the college football weekend, and officially put some favored teams on “Upset Alert”! Those teams better Watch They […]

Paul’s Daily Ration: 10/05/21

The United States cannot “guarantee” that it will not default on its debts in two weeks. Pause. The United States cannot “guarantee” that it won’t willfully, spitefully, pointlessly and needlessly risk throwing the national and global economies into unprecedented chaos, risking financial ruin for millions of Americans, almost certainly triggering a deep recession (if not […]

Paul’s Daily Ration: 10/04/21

I try not to make snap judgments.  That’s part of being Rational, with a capital “R.” But after, oh, a decade or so of observation, introspection, reflection and consideration, it is now clear to me that social media in general, and Facebook in particular, are Net Societal Evils. Yeah, I’ll own my part. I didn’t […]