Paul’s Daily Ration: 11/16/21

No. A 17-year-old (or anybody else) cannot cart an AR-15 across state lines, “deploy” himself to a hotbed of civil unrest, falsely cast himself as a “medic” or “community supporter,” effectively deputize himself in the name of vigilante justice, provoke fear and animus, execute two people and severely wound another and then claim “self-defense.” That’s […]

Sports Blog: 11/16/21

In boxing, it’s often said that “styles make fights.” Same thing in football. The Niners were stylin’ last night against the Rams. Not that it’s surprising. That’s five straight 49er wins over a divisional rival. That’s legal ownership. This is just an, “Oh, by the way.”  But when the Niners are healthy and have it […]