02/08/23 The Cult took the bait.

The President was affable, pleasant, competent, sharp and very quick on his feet. And look what it got him. You know what you get if you combine MTG’s and Boebert’s IQs and multiply the total by 50? A single digit number. Best moment of the night? Biden luring the GOP into the Social Security/Medicare quick […]

02/08/23 “Darkness Retreat”?

LeBron needed 36 to pass Kareem. So it was a mortal lock he’d get at least 37. It wound up being 38 to make LBJ the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. Fittingly, James set the record on a 14-foot fadeaway jumper. And predictably, the Lakers lost at home to the Thunder, 133-130. Did the whole thing […]