03/19/23 Arrest? Opportunity.

Trump says he’s going to get arrested Tuesday. If he sounds excited about the prospect, it’s because he is. He views it as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to incite. It’s an opportunity to portray himself as a victim. It’s an opportunity to dust off oldies but goodies like “hoax,” “fraud,” “witch hunt” and “fake […]

03/19/23 Rollin’ with it like a frat boy

It was Edwin Starr who once posed the question, “War (huhhh!)…what is it good for?” Starr then accurately answered his own question. “Absolutely nothin’.” I would maintain that the same is true of the World Baseball Classic. First the Mets lose Edwin Diaz—arguably the best closer in MLB—for the season, thanks to a torn patellar […]