05/30/23 Nothing for teachers? Of course not.

We refuse to protect our Texas schoolchildren even while we fail to support their teachers. The state went into this soon-to-close Legislative session with a record $32.7 billion surplus in the cookie jar. So, this was the perfect opportunity to raise Texas teachers’ embarrassingly paltry salaries, right? Nope. Not a dime. But the Lege did […]

05/30/23 0-151

There’s a reason why NBA teams trailing 0-3 have never come back to win a playoff series in now 151 attempts. It appears to be very difficult. Game One of The Finals between the Heat and the Nuggets Thursday sets up as the old “rest vs. rust” question. Let me jump ahead to the, say, […]

05/29/23 NEVER FORGET.

“Thank you” is hopelessly inadequate on Memorial Day or any other day. But thank you. We honor your sacrifice, and we owe you everything. Here’s what we most owe you. We owe you allegiance to country over party. We owe you our commitment to justice for all. We owe you fealty to facts, and rejection […]


This is supposed to be one of those stories that writes itself, right?  The Celts get down 0-3 and start walking The Green Mile. They get a “dignity win” in Game Four to avoid summary execution, but there’s no reason to think it’s anything but a brief stay. Still, sports pundits being sports pundits—particularly Northeast […]

05/28/23 Paxton’s a bad guy? Really?

So this is new? This is news? Kenny Boy Paxton is a really bad guy? Kenny Boy is a thug? And a criminal? And a shakedown mobster? And a tribal hack? Dang. How long has this been going on? Well, how about since January of 2015 when he became Texas’ attorney general? Look, I’m taking […]

05/28/23 Start your engines!

Well, the C’s will get their shot. The Celtics will try to become the first NBA team ever to win a playoff series after trailing 0-3 when they host Miami in Game 7 Monday night. The Heat came within a tenth of a second of closing the deal at home Saturday, but a putback by […]

05/27/23 Home of the brave? Blame the messenger.

I’m naming it “The Fauci Syndrome.” Just as Anthony Fauci was absurdly blamed and his life was threatened for “inventing” the “COVID  hoax,” meteorologists around the country are now being vilified and threatened for “inventing” climate change. Seriously. Their lives are being threatened. And Jan. 6 was no big deal. Blame the police. Kill them. […]

05/27/23 It’s a seller’s market for D-Hop.

The question now is not, “Who wants DeAndre Hopkins.? The question is, “What team does D-Hop want?” Well, he gave us his specs last week, well before he was released by the Cardinals on Friday. DH says he wants a team with a veteran, mature, successful quarterback (take THAT, Kyler Murray!) and a big-time defense. […]

05/26/23 Let the bend begin anew.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Both clauses of that immortal MLK Jr. quote are historically accurate. Damn, it has taken a long time, and it will take much longer. But Thursday offered hope that the American bend has begun. Kenny Boy Paxton is going down. Not even […]

05/26/23 What in the wide, wide world of sports?…

Look, IF the Celtics win Game Six, THEN you national sports pundits can start talking about Boston possibly becoming the first team in NBA history to overcome an 0-3 deficit to win a series. For now, please keep that stuff in your holster. The NFL has caught the Patriots cheating—again. But this time the league […]