11/29/23 The ‘Horns are in a boxed canyon, Mr. Dillon…

Ain’t lookin’ good for the Longhorns’ chances of getting into the CFP. Texas is still #7 in this week’s rankings, with Georgia, Michigan, Washington and Florida State occupying the top four slots. If somehow Alabama beats Georgia in the SEC Championship game, both of those teams will get in. Yeah, I’m aware that Texas beat […]

11/29/23 Light can be lethal. (If you’re a vampire)

Hunter Biden has offered to testify in front of Congress, but only if the proceedings are public. That appears currently unacceptable to the GOP. I think we all know why. They’re like vampires. Light can be lethal. I urge you to read the lengthy excerpts from Liz Cheney’s new book that have been acquired exclusively […]


The Aggies rebounded nicely from Saturday night’s Mark Stoops fiasco, as they immediately pivoted to Duke’s Mike Elko to succeed Jimbo Fisher as head coach. Elko gets it, and did a notably nice job in his stint as defensive coordinator at A&M from 2018-2021 before he split to become head coach with the Blue Devils. […]

11/20/23 Lookin’ Great in the Lone Star State!

It’s a good Monday to be a fan of our state’s NFL teams. The ‘Boys are on a nice roll. They’ve won four of their last five to get to 7-3, and did not play down to their competition in Sunday’s 33-10 burial of the now 1-9 Panthers. Micah Parsons made life miserable for Bryce […]

11/16/23 End the insanity.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love giving thanks. July 4th is my second-favorite holiday. I love our country deeply. And Thursday I will spend time giving thanks for the genius that is America, as I do every day. We are in legitimate danger of losing the farm, more so than at any other time […]

11/16/23 Elementary, My Dear Watson…

Deshaun Watson is 40 percent through his five-year, $230 million contract with the Browns. He has played eleven games. And he won’t play any more in 2023 after doctors determined he needs immediate season-ending surgery to repair a displaced fracture in his throwing shoulder. Bad karma. So the Browns, with their Super Bowl caliber defense, […]

11/8/23 Harbaugh, the habitual line-stepper

I don’t think there is a great team in college football this season, but I’d probably trust Georgia more than I would Ohio State, Florida State or Michigan. Ohio State leaves me particularly flat. And it’s starting to look like you can’t trust Michigan for anything, including integrity. Harbaugh probably figures he can bail for […]

11/06/23 What a Sunday!

We’ve seen a pattern in the NFL since the league imposed training restrictions and padded practice limits. These days the teams and players don’t seem to hit their strides until November. Now we’re up and running. That was by far the most exciting Sunday of the season thus far. I thought the Cowboys-Eagles game was […]

10/27/23 Dis and dat…

I guess there’s just no such thing as pass interference on a last-play Hail Mary heave. Bills survive the Bucs, 24-18. Pulling hard for Maalik Murphy as he gets his first start at Texas Saturday vs. BYU, in place of the injured Quinn Ewers. Murphy earned my respect by staying committed to UT even after […]

10/26/23 “Foul” trouble among some Spurs fans

The reaction of some Spurs fans to Wemby’s debut Wednesday night was most unbecoming. The kid got into foul trouble. It happens. But he finished the fourth nicely. And his outrageous skill set is not in question. Relax. And stay classy, San Antonio. Thank you, Dusty! Like a great jazz musician, you always played everything […]