10/06/22 Who knew?

The November 8 mid-term elections are less than five weeks away. And at the moment it appears that OPEC will determine many outcomes. Or will next month prove to be “Roevember”? Hell, if the FBI hadn’t seized those documents at Mar-a-Lago we never would have known that Trump resigned from the Screen Actors Guild.

10/6/22 A little ‘o dis and a little o’ dat

106 wins for the Astros. And now they are 0-0. Yeah, there’s some pressure there. The new MLB 12-team format postseason starts Friday. It could last until November 5. If you think that would be the latest finish ever, you’re right.   Judge didn’t win the A.L. batting title? Slacker! What’s going on inside the […]

10/5/22 Jesus approaches the bench…

We’re about to find out just how deep in the Trump Tank SCOTUS is. Trump’s appeal has zero legal validity. If the Supremes rule on its merits, not even Diana, Flo and Mary can save his Tangerine Tail now. Still…that doesn’t make this a lock. No telling what Jesus will direct the Righteous Right to […]

10/5/22 What in the wide, wide world of sports?…

Sixty-two is an astounding feat. And there appears to be nothing that would taint this achievement. Congrats and respect to Aaron Judge, followed by a tip of the cap to the late Roger Maris and his loving and devoted family. That was quite the season comeback, Braves.  Atlanta was down 10 ½ games in the […]

10/04/22 He’d cheat in a fishing tournament.

So, you mean he’s lying about having returned all the documents, too?  And the National Archives doesn’t know where all those love letters with Lil’ Kim are? And they told His Orangeness that back in May of 2021? And he claims he wasn’t watching tv on Jan. 6, despite dozens of eyewitnesses? All the while […]

10/3/22 Stop in the name of Love, Supremes!

Oh, joy. The new Supreme Court term begins today. Oh, joy. Last time abortion rights were in the right-wing crosshairs. This time it will be voting rights and any marriage that does not unite a white man with a white woman. And there will be more wedding-cake bullshit. Oh, joy.

10/3/22 “Gallup” on, ‘Boys!

It was great to see Michael Gallup back on the field, and even greater to see him in the end zone. But did he look like he was still favoring that knee a little? We (me included) keep referring to Cooper Rush as “gritty.” We (I) probably ought to start referring to him as “good.”  […]

10/1/22 The normalization of insanity

Donald Trump is now openly threatening Mitch McConnell and genuinely putting McConnell’s life in danger. Trump has also made blatantly racist references to McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chow (who was Trump’s own Secretary of Transportation). All because a few Republicans joined Dems in thinking that shutting down the federal government is a bad idea. And you […]

10/1/22 Sizzlin’ Saturday!

That was an impressive win for UTSA over Middle Tennessee Friday night. The Roadrunners were dinged up and shorthanded. Middle Tennessee was playing at home after upsetting Miami last week. That took huevos, something the ‘Runners never lack. And 414 in the air for Frank? Outrageous. That’s a nice league start as UTSA strives to […]