#UvaldeStrong A war cry against the purest form of evil. A community rallying against brutal, horrific violence that will forever scar and haunt not only the people of Uvalde but those far beyond its borders who just can’t make sense of the senseless. And who fear that their city will be the next one forced […]

Brian Flores vs. NFL

“I live my life by dealing in truth,” said Brian Flores.  The former head coach of the Miami Dolphins recently shook the NFL by filing a class-action lawsuit against the league and its teams, accusing them of what he refers to as “sham interviews,” improperly recruiting players and tanking games for cash. The lawsuit comes […]

Black men and Colon Cancer Checks

“You have the insurance, why don’t you use it?”  That’s what I heard from Niccole while we were dating and after we got married.  And she was right.  I’ve been blessed to have medical coverage my entire life, but as an adult, for too many reasons to count (all excuses), I would only see a […]

Betrayed by Social Services

I recently spent a part of my Friday night watching an ABC News 20/20 special report on the 13 siblings rescued in 2018 about an hour east of Los Angeles.  At the time of the rescue, the Turpin brothers and sisters ranged in ages from two to 29.  Their story, like so many other child […]

What have you done with the garden that was entrusted to you?

I first heard the verse spoken by poet Robert Bly in the Eighties as he read a poem by Antonio Machado: “What have you done with the garden that was entrusted to you?” It stopped me in my tracks and has echoed in my mind all the decades since. Antonio Machado was a Spanish poet […]