-by Anthony Pittman My wife and I recently joined a gym. At some point during almost every workout, as I wait for a particular machine to come available, I can count on thinking these four words: “Get off your phone!” Am I missing something? Is that a thing now? Wasting someone else’s time by using […]

07/20/23 Would it kill you to say “thank you”?

-by Anthony Pittman A Simple “Thank You” Would Do Sometimes I wonder if I overreact to something I believe happens too often.  That said, it happened again. It’s a simple act of courtesy.  You pause just long enough to hold a door open for someone a few steps behind you.  You expect a quick “thank […]

06/20/23 Everyone knows it’s Wemby!

by Anthony Pittman Fans of the San Antonio Spurs have visions of The Admiral and The Big Fundamental on their minds.  Twice in the history of the franchise did the NBA lottery odds favor the silver and black to have the first selection in the draft.  Twice the Spurs’ brass selected future hall-of-farmers. I do […]

06/13/23 Can someone find Mike Pence a spine?

By Anthony Pittman CAN SOMEONE FIND MIKE PENCE A SPINE? Mike Pence should have been wearing one of those classic tightrope costumes while holding a long pole for balance when he joined Dana Bash for a CNN town hall recently in Iowa.  As if to honor the Flying Wallendas, Pence walked a tightrope the entire […]

Hey Clarence! Explain this, please.

Silly me! I thought the Supreme Court Justices were supposed to be examples for the rest of us.  Sure, no one is perfect.  And I don’t expect anyone to put the members of the court on a pedestal.  But, come on Clarence Thomas!  You profess to be just a regular guy who has unbiased opinions […]

I blame the media

I recently had a conversation with a friend who enjoys taking jabs at the media.  I also have a lot of friends who prefer more than a jab when debating the direction, intent, professionalism, and honesty of the Fourth Estate.  Wow!  Fourth Estate.  That is a term you don’t hear much anymore.  I regress. It […]

A Familiar Sad End

March 8, 1971, was a seminal moment for me and sports.  In this case, it was boxing.  That is when the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Joe Frazier, put his title on the line in the Fight of the Century against the man whom many considered the real champion, Muhammad Ali.  Ali won the […]


#UvaldeStrong A war cry against the purest form of evil. A community rallying against brutal, horrific violence that will forever scar and haunt not only the people of Uvalde but those far beyond its borders who just can’t make sense of the senseless. And who fear that their city will be the next one forced […]

Brian Flores vs. NFL

“I live my life by dealing in truth,” said Brian Flores.  The former head coach of the Miami Dolphins recently shook the NFL by filing a class-action lawsuit against the league and its teams, accusing them of what he refers to as “sham interviews,” improperly recruiting players and tanking games for cash. The lawsuit comes […]

Black men and Colon Cancer Checks

“You have the insurance, why don’t you use it?”  That’s what I heard from Niccole while we were dating and after we got married.  And she was right.  I’ve been blessed to have medical coverage my entire life, but as an adult, for too many reasons to count (all excuses), I would only see a […]