02/23/24 (All together now) “How dumb is he?” He’s so dumb that…

Tommy Tuberville is dumb. All together now: “How dumb is he?” Tommy Tuberville is so dumb that he says he supports the Alabama Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos are children because, “That means more babies will be born. And we need more babies.” No, Dunce. It means far fewer babies will be born. OK, […]

02/21/24 You, sir, are no Navalny.

Trump finally and tepidly praises Navalny, but makes no mention of the murderous dictator who caused his death. Are you maybe starting to snap to what’s going on here? Returning Trump to the White House would relegate the United States to the status of a Russian satellite. Trump concedes that Navalny was a brave man. […]

02/21/24 It could be worse, I guess…

I’da been just fine with the CFP staying with a four-team format.  I thought it played out exactly the way it should have this past season. I maintain the Committee got the four teams right and seeded them in the proper order.  The Committee’s charge was to identify the four best teams at the time […]

02/17/24 Let’s sing “The ‘No’ Song”!

No. Just hell no: Hell no, Trump’s deliberate attempt to inflate the value of his assets was not a “victimless crime.” You can stop that nonsense right here and right now. Trump dishonestly and illegally obtained lower rates from lenders by lying about his worth. That defrauded banks from earning interest to which they were […]

02/16/24 That impeachment thing? Not so fast.

Oh, that Joe Biden impeachment inquiry brewing in the House? Never mind, at least for now.  Special Counsel David Weiss Thursday charged former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov with lying. The 43-year old Smirnov has alleged that Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, benefitted from clandestine business dealings with a Ukrainian energy company. Smirnov is charged […]

02/16/24 This is why we can’t have nice things.

I’m angry. We are a gun-worshiping culture that has perfected the perverse art of taking the beautiful and making it ugly. We take our kids to a wonderful Super Bowl championship parade and this happens. And then we wonder why so many of them struggle. We are a sick, gun-worshiping culture. Guns are our god. […]

02/14/24 Strange Days Indeed

Wonder if Vegas actually posts an over/under on how long Mike Johnson will be Speaker of the House. If so, bet the under. Lay the points. NFL in this case stands for “Not For Long.” Johnson faced the media Wednesday morning to make a run at damage control and attempt to move the focus off […]

02/13/24 I yield to Mr. Serling.

Isn’t a resolution to all of Trump’s (91) legal issues before November necessary for voters to make an informed decision?  Trump says he’s trying to protect his First Amendment rights and freedoms. I say he and his legal lackies are trying to trample on ours. Do you ever feel that our culture has traversed deep […]

02/13/24 Yeah, the NFL is really struggling, isn’t it?

I’m OK that Andy Reid and Travis Kelce are apparently OK with Sunday’s sideline scene. I don’t have a right not to be OK with it. It’s their thing. It’s their relationship. It’s their team. And it’s pretty obvious their team is doing just fine. It’s just not my place to publicly criticize them. But […]

02/12/24 MVC? Most Valuable Coach? Spags

We all know that football is a 60-minute game. Unless of course it becomes a 74-minute and 57-second game. Super Bowl LVIII almost extended into a second 15-minute overtime period, until the Kansas City Chiefs made sure it didn’t. So, it took a while. But when it finally ended with the ball in the hands […]