03/30/23 Puty’s Petulance

As Putin becomes increasingly frustrated and humiliated, he is getting increasingly desperate and belligerent. The arrest in Russia of an American Wall Street Journal reporter for “suspected espionage” represents a significant ramp-up of international tensions, as does Putin’s announced intention to place tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, as well as Russia’s suspension of nuclear notifications […]

03/29/23 That’s not an “invitation,” Pence!

That’s not an “invitation” to a dinner party, Pence. You can’t simply express your “regrets.” That’s an order from a federal judge resulting from a felony criminal investigation. You don’t get to opt out. Shower and shave, put on a nice suit, shine your shoes and answer the questions. Pence will not have to testify […]

03/28/23 Cowards R Us.

And still they say it’s not about the gun. They’re wrong. Of course, it’s about the gun. Yes, it is not exclusively about the gun. There are myriad other contributing issues. But contending that the word “gun” has no place in attempting to reduce gun violence is akin to claiming that hydrogen and oxygen have […]

03/27/23 No to Netanyahu

Democracy is under siege, both here and in Israel. The parallels are striking, as we watch right-wing extremists attempt to dismantle institutional checks and balances in favor of tyrannical autocracy. Netanyahu wants to impose governmental control over the appointment of judges and give the Israeli parliament the power to override Supreme Court decisions. Sound vaguely […]

03/26/23 The Wacko went to Waco.

The Devil may have once gone down to Georgia, but the Wacko went to Waco to do what he does best—lie. Trump lied about the 2020 election. He lied about China. He lied about border security and claimed to have completed building a wall. He lied about the current state of inflation in the U.S. […]

03/25/23 What could possibly go wrong?

Trump in Waco on the 30th anniversary of the Branch Davidian raid. What could possibly go wrong? SCOTUS has consistently held that “executive privilege” does not protect subjects of criminal investigations. Better warm up your vocal cords, Mark Meadows et al. MAGA—Many Attorneys Getting Attorneys Horrible overnight news from Mississippi, where at least 21 people […]

03/23/23 No, see, that’s not how this works, Donnie…

A big reason why Donald Trump should never have been president of the United States, and should never be within sniffing distance of that office again, is that he has no clue—or at least no regard—about how our United States legal system works. See, Donnie, there is no “attorney-client privilege” when you and your lackey […]

03/22/23 What’s the bag limit on witches?

I’d say Trump has lawyer problems, on multiple fronts. But I’d also say those lawyers have a Trump problem. Their client is a lying, amoral mobster. And it’s some of the lawyers who are most likely to do hard time while Trump skates. Are you having a hard time keeping track of all of these […]

03/21/23 “Watchful Waiting”

We’re all in “watchful waiting” mode on this Tuesday. No, this has nothing to do with prostate trouble. Unless of course you want to use Donald Trump as a metaphor for chronic national prostate disorder. Today could be historic. Or it could prove to be a complete “never mind.” We will continue our watchful waiting. […]

03/19/23 Arrest? Opportunity.

Trump says he’s going to get arrested Tuesday. If he sounds excited about the prospect, it’s because he is. He views it as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to incite. It’s an opportunity to portray himself as a victim. It’s an opportunity to dust off oldies but goodies like “hoax,” “fraud,” “witch hunt” and “fake […]