09/25/22 I’m all right…..don’t nobody worry ’bout me…

Me? Oh, I’m OK, I guess. You know, except for getting my heart and guts ripped out…twice…on Saturday night. How’s it going for you? Rice could have beaten Houston. Should have. Incarnate Word could have beaten Southeast Louisiana. Should have. But it’s not like I’m the only one hurting, right, Longhorns? And I’m sure it’s […]

09/24/22 He’s “Number Two,” all right….

Donald Trump can never aspire to be ranked any higher than second in determining the most disgusting human being in America. Alex Jones has the gold medal wrapped up. The one thing that all past, present and future Trump lawyers have in common is that they’re all gonna need lawyers. Why is Team Trump’s default […]

09/23/22 You tell me who is “Just making stuff up…”

Trumpers, predictably, are accusing the government of “just making stuff up” in pursuit of the truth. See, that’s always been their m.o.  Accuse the other side of doing what they do in each and every scenario. You know, like falsely and groundlessly accusing the other side of trying to steal the 2020 election while they […]

09/22/22 Fraud

As a “language guy,” I cannot tell you how much I love the word “fraud” as applied to all things Trump. There is “fraud” the crime. But there is also “fraud” the person. How gullible were you, Cultists? You’ve been living a complete and highly embarrassing lie. No more. Eternal shame on you seditious, treasonous […]

09/21/22 No. We’re not gonna “move on,” or “let it go.”

I reserve my best and most incredulous blank stare to people who tell me and us that we should “move on” from Trump or “get over it.”. I’d love to. We’d love to. But how can we do that when he persists in posing an existential threat to our country? This is not a “yesterday” […]

09/20/22 Hurts, Don’t It?

Jalen Hurts, si. Kirk Cousins, no. Attention, NFL. The Eagles are a problem. And the Vikings will underachieve. But you knew that. My respect for Hurts grows by the week. He was not anywhere close to a good passer when he came to the league. Usually, that means a guy will never be a good […]

09/19/22 Comeback Sunday!

OK, we’re two weeks into the NFL season, so let’s do what we do. Let’s categorize, group, classify, rush to premature conclusions and engage in unsupported speculation. Really, really good Bills Chiefs Talented, but still figuring things out… Bucs Rams Chargers Broncos Intriguing Dolphins Vikings Eagles Giants 49ers Who are you? Cowboys Titans Living a […]

09/18/22 Longhorns find the formula

Too much Bijan. Texas shook off those early body blows from UTSA. What we saw last night can be the ‘Horns’ winning formula going forward. Run the rock. And this is a much more physical Texas defense than we have seen in recent years. The Aggies pretty much had to have that one. Now they’re […]

09/17/22 Let’s just have some Saturday fun!

What a way for the Astros to clinch a postseason berth Friday night as Yordan Alvarez hit three homers and Justin Verlander struck out nine in his return from that calf strain in a 5-0 win over the A’s. Alvarez’s “hat trick” came on his first three at-bats. Look, I’m picking the Aggies tonight against […]

09/16/22 Everybody Loves Raymond

Mafia Boss “Don” Trump is threatening Cult violence if he is indicted. And we know from experience that his morons will heed the call.  And you’re ok with that? Looks like about 35 percent of you are. So now we’re back to “blanket declassification”? An oldie but a goodie. But, pray tell, Donald, how can […]