“We don’t take an oath to a king, or queen, or to a tyrant, or a dictator. And we don’t take an oath to a wannabe dictator. We take an oath to the Constitution. We are willing to die to protect it.” -General Mark A. Milley The former and wannabe future POTUS has publicly called […]

09/30 So long, September!

This playoff derby among the Rangers, Astros and Mariners is going to go right down to the wire. The ‘Stros have a one-game lead over the M’s with two games left in the race to secure the final AL Wild Card following Friday night’s 2-1 win at Arizona. Jose Urquidy was brilliant in an emergency […]

09/28/23 The Seven Dwarfs

I don’t know why they even bother. I’m talking about the Seven Dwarfs who assembled for the second GOP presidential candidates’ “debate.” Nothing was accomplished, no one “emerged” and nothing was established, except to further certify Vivek Ramaswamy  as a grandstanding idiot. There was a conversation about “curtains.” It’s curtains for all of these losers. […]

09/27/23 Donnie The Fraud

The noun “fraud” can be used to label either a crime or a criminal. In the case of Donald Trump, it serves both purposes. He’s lied to you about everything. He continues to lie to you about everything. It’s now clear that he has lied to you about his claimed wealth and business acumen, which […]

09/27/23 Who didn’t love Brooks? Nobody.

Name an athlete who was more universally beloved than Brooks Robinson. You can’t. I can’t. Nobody can. Now try thinking about Brooks Robinson without smiling. Brooks is gone, but the smiles he left on our faces and hearts will never fade. He was Brooks Robinson. He was the ultimate “glove man,” the epitome of fielding […]

09/26/23 It’s all in the “execution,” isn’t it, Donnie?

Isn’t it time that everyone in America finally comes to grip with the obvious? The former—and wanabe future—POTUS is literally, clinically, medically and dangerously insane. Execute Milley? “Shut down the government,” if the GOP doesn’t get EVERYTHING it wants?  Dismantle the media? And a gun shop tour? The boy just ain’t right. And our country […]

09/26/23 Fightin’ through the funk!

Both Monday Night winning QBs fought through some funk to post those W’s. Jalen Hurts shook off flu symptoms as his Eagles got to 3-0 with a 25-11 road win over the Bucs, while Joe Burrow overcame his bothersome right calf strain to lift the desperate White Tigers to their first victory of the season […]

09/25/23 Don’t act like you’re shocked…

Wowzer. All of that and Taylor Swift, too. The Cowboys succeeded only in making Joshua Dobbs look like Lamar Jackson. The Cardinals scored on all five of their first-half possessions and piled up 187 rushing yards by halftime. Dallas committed 13 penalties, ten of them in the first half. Yes, Dak threw a red zone […]

09/24/23 SHUT UP, LOU HOLTZ!

I was happy to see Ohio State punch it in, if for no reason other than to shut Lou Holtz up. Notre Dame coach Marcus Freeman was in a bad spot in the closing seconds, with only ten defenders on the field for two plays, but I understood his decision to ride it out rather […]


So has the DOJ been politically weaponized to go after Menendez? Or is it just that when you’re a fucking felon, DOJ tends to take a dim view of you? Grow the hell up, Cultists.