UFOs? Well, that ain’t swamp gas. Those things aren’t weather balloons. It’s pretty arrogant (as a species, we are great at being arrogant) to think we are alone in the Universe. The probability of that is exactly zero. My advice? Don’t piss ‘em off. Although any form of intelligent life would not want any part […]


It was predictable, if also pathetic. Already. “There’s no need to classify this as a hate crime.” Yes, there is. Because it was one. Read the shooter’s own incoherent manifesto. He killed ten people and wanted to kill many more simply because he was filled with racial hatred and nothing else. He traveled 200 miles […]


Yeah, I know. Rampant gun violence is just the price of freedom. Guns don’t kill people. You can’t legislate morality. The only “gun problem” we have is that we don’t have enough guns. And, despite it all, we’re still “the greatest country on Earth.” We have no systemic or institutional racism. Any mere mention of […]


Clarence Thomas is absolutely right when he says the recent SCOTUS leak is “an infidelity” that has destroyed the Court’s culture and credibility. Yup. But so is his refusal to recuse himself in any and every case having to do with Trump in general orJan. 6 in particular. “Ginni, Ginni, who can I turn to?…”  […]


Those were amazing pictures from the EHT Telescope capturing—for the first time—the Black Hole at the center of the GOP. Einstein always said it was there, but it’s still exciting to get visual confirmation. Speaking of visual confirmation, you didn’t need a telescope to see Trump and his lackeys hauling boxes of classified documents out […]


I’m 67. I have lived 26 of those years in San Antonio, where my wife and I currently reside. From the spring semester of second grade through my freshman year in college, I lived with my mother and sister in Lockhart, Texas, a small Central Texas town of about 6,000 residents during the period I […]


Lindsey Graham has earned himself yet another chapter in “Profiles in Cowardice.” He knew Trump was dangerously unfit. He still knows it. They all knew it. They all still know it. How do we know that? Because they’ve all said it. And it’s all recorded. Graham. McCarthy. McConnell. Meadows. Call the roll. And now they […]


Any citizen who is denied autonomy over her (or his) body is by definition a second-class citizen. How could a citizen possibly be more marginalized? Here’s my question, Alito. After rabidly trying to overturn Roe for 50 years, THAT’S the best you can do? Your leaked draft opinion is founded on the fact that the […]


That did not look or sound like “Victory Day” in Moscow to me. Yeah, there was plenty of snappy goose-stepping, and those appeared to be genuine NFL-certified ICBMs being paraded through Red Square. The Russians have always had that drill down. But what was notable was not what was said, but what wasn’t said. For […]


Today we will pay lip service to our love and respect for women. Even as we affirm as a society that we regard them as second class humans. 2022 going on 1522. Let’s launch some cruise missiles into Mexico to blow up the drug labs and cartels. They’ll never know it was us. And then […]