11/28/22 “Half-ass is plenty ass enough!” Whatcha think?

I never like to see anyone lose a job. But it was time at Texas State. The Bobcats’ inability to build a successful football program remains a decades-long curiosity. Texas State could have been and should have been UTSA before UTSA was UTSA. All the ingredients are there in San Marcos except for the most […]

11/25/22 Post-turkey analysis

It’s no secret that Jerry Jones is not one of my heroes. But I am not going to vilify him now, either. True. The photo that was taken in Arkansas in 1957, when Jones was 14-years-old, is not a historical scene that anyone who supports and promotes social justice would want to be associated with. […]

11/23/22 The OBJ Sweepstakes

Looks to me like this Cowboys-OBJ thing is going to happen. I’m onboard. This is a high-stakes competition. OBJ can push Dallas over the top. Of course, he could also do the same for the Chiefs, Bills or ‘Niners. Another Sunday, another QB for the Panthers. This time it will be Sam Darnold who will […]

11/22/22 Fear the 49ers.

I don’t see a weakness on the 49ers. Do you? Not only is their personnel excellent on both sides of the ball, but their systems and styles are at once brutal and sophisticated. They look locked and loaded. The NFC playoffs will be fascinating. Philly has hit a little speed bump, but the Eagles will […]

11/21/22 No Excuses.

OK, Cowboys. No excuses going forward. That was a powerful statement, in all phases. A month ago, I stated that the November 20 game at Minnesota would tell us who this team really is. They’re good. And they now have not a single excuse. Take care of business. Roll the Giants Thursday, and then get […]

11/20/22 City of Champions!

What a time for San Antonio college football!  UTSA!  UIW! Trinity! S.A. is indeed the City of Champions. And there is a lot more fun still to be had in all three of those programs. It was fun while it lasted, Tennessee. After nine games, we still don’t know much about this Cowboy team’s identity […]

11/19/22 And the (college football) days dwindle down to a precious few…

Paul’s Peerless Picks (Saturday Version) Georgia 34 Kentucky 17 Ohio State 45 Maryland 24 Clemson 37 Miami 17 Tennessee 45 South Carolina 27 Stanford 24 Cal 17 Iowa State 31 Texas Tech 28 Ole Miss 34 Arkansas 31 Oklahoma State 37 Au Jus 30 USC 31 UCLA 28 Utah 34 Oregon 31 Penn State 28 […]

11/18/22 Big boy football!

I hope the Titans and Ravens face each other at some point in the AFC Playoffs. Must-see TV. I’ll strap in for the duration of that one. That’s seven wins in their last eight games for Tennessee. That must be a bad-ass storm bearing down on Buffalo if you have to move a November NFL […]

11/17/22 That’s three for Verlander!

That’s Cy Young Number Three for Verlander, and it was unanimous this time. Richly deserved, as he returned to the mound after missing almost two seasons following Tommy John surgery. “Richly” also describes Verlander’s position as he enters free agency. While he has not ruled out returning to the Astros, he sounds “already gone” to […]

11/15/22 Buy ’em all a Heinicke!

It’s time for the surviving members of the undefeated ’72 Dolphins to raise a glass. Buy ‘em all a “Heinicke.” Look, the Eagles were never going to run the table. But I am surprised at the WAY they lost at home Monday night. Sloppy. Unfocused. Undisciplined. Uninspired. Still, that was quite the 8-0 run by […]