Sports Blog: 10/17/21

Football is a beautiful sport. But at its core, football is a tough, nasty game played by tough, nasty people.  Longhorn football can be tantalizingly beautiful. But Longhorn football is not played by tough, nasty people, and hasn’t been for quite a while. Sark is discovering what his recent UT coaching predecessors learned, and in […]

Sports Blog: 10/15/21

A check-swing punchout to end the NLDS between the teams with the best regular season records in baseball? I’m going all Peggy Lee. You know, “Is that all there is?” So it’s on to Atlanta for the Dodgers, with Max Scherzer still officially listed as L.A.’s Game One starter on Saturday. What a bulldog! Scherzer […]

Sports Blog: 10/14/21

Damn, I miss pay phones. Really. I wish we still had them on every corner. If we did, I’d send Kyrie a quarter, so that he could call somebody who cares. Brady’s thumb on his throwing hand is bothering him.  It’s hard to grip the ball with a bad thumb. So he’ll throw seven TD […]

Sports Blog: 10/13/21

Col. Henry Blake to Kyrie Irving: “Goddammit, Irving, resign your goddamm commission!” That’s five straight trips to the AL Championship Series for the Astros. That’s some pretty slick cheating, right? The Team to Fear going forward in the NFL? The Ravens. Their flaw had always been that they couldn’t come from behind. Now they can. […]

Sports Blog: 10/12/21

“There’s not a racist bone in my body.” Jeez. At the very list you’d think racists could find a new and different cliché to deny their racism. “There’s not a racist bone in my body.” Hey, Grudes. There are 206 bones in the human body. You’re telling us that not even one of yours is […]

Sports Blog: 10/11/21

Everything is not up to date in Kansas City. That team is in trouble, and not just because they’ve already lost three games. That’s a bad—not subpar—defense. And their Magic Man QB has at least temporarily lost his Mojo. Two more INTs and a lost fumble for Mahomes in that 38-20 home loss to the […]

Sports Blog: 10/10/21

Citing the Atlanta Rhythm Section, “There was voodoo in the vibes” last night in College Station. I’m givin’ it up to the Aggies. And if you tell me you saw that coming you are, shall we say, “truth challenged.” What impressed me was that the Ags never blinked.  There were more than a couple of […]

Sports Blog: 10/09/21

Naw, don’t start in with the “Cancel Culture” drivel. This is about accountability, not “political correctness” or whatever vacuous and dismissive label you want to use to justify your own prejudices. Jon Gruden is in trouble. And he ought to be. The Wall Street Journal has reported that in a 2011 email, Gruden, while working […]

Sports Blog: 10/08/21

Crossroads time for the Seahawks. They’re 2-3 after dropping the Thursday nighter to the Rams, 26-17. Seattle and the ‘Niners are on thin ice in the cutthroat NFC West. The Seahawks are in a world of hurt, with Russell Wilson’s status uncertain after suffering a badly sprained middle finger (Russell Wilson’s Bird?) on his throwing […]

Sports Blog: 10/07/21

BB and I awoke in St. Louis, a city in mourning. Redbirds are now Deadbirds, and it was sudden death indeed. Toasted Ravioli Reflection. Over dinner last night at Charlie Gitto’s on The Hill, as we’re watching the game, I told BB, “Scherzer was awful early. Awful. And the Cards only turned that into one […]