hardly knew ye. In each conference, the bye led only to “bye!” Now what, Packers.  You’ve won 13 regular season games for three straight years and have not even a Super Bowl appearance to show for it. Your star quarterback now has plenty of time to “do his own research” about where or even whether […]


It’s my favorite weekend of the sports calendar. NFL Divisional round. Four playoff games, eight teams, each of which is thoroughly convinced it is going to win the SuperBowl. Seven of them will be wrong.                 As the late John Madden used to say, I love the “finality” of it all. It’s like four country […]


The NFL has fined Dak 25-large. “Credit to them then.” Dak had it coming. To his “credit,” he has owned his unacceptable post-game remarks and apologized for them. No tv announcers going to the Beijing Olympics. I’ll promise you those announcers are elated. OK, Paul. Quit stalling… Bengals at Titans, Saturday, 3:30 p.m. Being a […]


Mike McCarthy says he “knows how to win.”  Coulda fooled me. Look. Dan Quinn is going to get a head coaching job. And he’s going to get it in the next week or so. Be bold, Jerrah… Respect to Dak for manning up and apologizing. Told by a reporter following Sunday’s crushing loss to the […]


Different NFL head coaches bring different skill sets and strengths to the job. Some are organizational CEOs. Some are intuitively precise game planners. Others make genius in-game decisions and adjustments. Many of the best coaches are simply great leaders of men. Here’s where I am. I don’t know what Mike McCarthy’s particular strength is. I […]


Man. In the NFL, folks can sure go from basking in warm, bright sunshine to shivering on the dark side of the moon in a hurry, can’t they? Ain’t that right, Kyler Murray? Can I get an Amen, Kliffie? Howya hittin’ ‘em, Groods? I bet they kept a seat warm fawya at the NFL Network, […]


Please don’t tell me you don’t understand how this happened. It is no mystery. The 49ers outrushed the Cowboys 169-77. The 49ers rushed the ball 38 times. The Cowboys ran it 21. Yes. ATTEMPTS matter. Turnovers were a draw. Dak and Jimmy G. each threw a pick. Neither team lost a fumble. TOP? The Niners […]


Dismissed. That goes for Djokovic’s appeal. That also goes for Djokovic’s argument. That also goes for Djokovic himself. He was wrong at every level, on every subject. He’s on his way to Doo-BYE!   It’s 6:01 a.m., and Patriot defensive backs are still curled up in the fetal position. Five TD passes by Bills’ slinger […]


I’m having a difficult time understanding why this Djokovic thing is a thing. What am I missing? He lied. He falsified documents. He brazenly dismissed Australia’s immigration laws and violated that country’s sovereignty. He endangered the safety of other individuals and posed a threat to Australia’s public health. He has also brought dishonor to his […]


It’s getting pretty difficult to be a Texans fan. Thursday’s firing of David Culley was shameful. Not that it was surprising. When Nick Caserio did not immediately say following the season finale that Coach Culley would be back next year, you knew he was gone.  He knew he was gone. But as always, Culley remained […]