08/17/23 Hey, Micah! Cool it!

USWNT Coach Vlato Andonovski will formally resign today. Yes, this is a forced resignation. What was he expecting? A ticker-tape parade? I’m sure Yankees manager Aaron Boone can feel Vlato’s pain. NY just got swept by the Braves to fall below .500 for the first time this season. That’s five straight losses, leaving the Yanks […]

07/07/23 When you join the circus, expect some monkeys.

Welcome to the circus, Wemby. And, remember, this is just the tip of the Spears. But you’re at least 7-3, so always remember to stay above the thunderheads. And stay above the dunderheads, too, for that matter. With one glaring exception, the Cowboys’ lineup looks set. But we’re all still PTSD after watching Brett Maher […]

07/07/23 Jack B. Nimble

Don’t forget that the 37 document-stealing federal charges against Trump are just the undercard. The Main Event will be indictments for attempting to steal an election and for inciting an armed insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.  We won’t have to wait much longer, because Jack Be Nimble and Jack Be Quick. Documents and testimony show […]

Can someone find Mike Pence a spine?

By Anthony Pittman CAN SOMEONE FIND MIKE PENCE A SPINE? Mike Pence should have been wearing one of those classic tightrope costumes while holding a long pole for balance when he joined Dana Bash for a CNN town hall recently in Iowa.  As if to honor the Flying Wallendas, Pence walked a tightrope the entire […]

05/26/23 What in the wide, wide world of sports?…

Look, IF the Celtics win Game Six, THEN you national sports pundits can start talking about Boston possibly becoming the first team in NBA history to overcome an 0-3 deficit to win a series. For now, please keep that stuff in your holster. The NFL has caught the Patriots cheating—again. But this time the league […]

04/04/23 Nope. The runners-up go to Applebee’s.

After further review (for all of about 15 seconds), I have cleared up my initial ambiguity about First Lady Jill Biden inviting both the LSU and Iowa women’s basketball teams to the White House. I’m a big fan of Dr. Biden. BUT OH JUST HELL NO! There’s a difference between the national champions and the […]

12/13/22 That was quite the “Sports Monday.”

Yeah, I’m a stickler for due process. But it’s impossible to imagine Chris Beard ever coaching another game at Texas. Finis. We don’t yet know all the facts. But what we do know is disgusting, and disqualifies Beard from any position of leadership. All we can do is pray for Mike Leach. Clearly, this is […]

10/22/22 Saturday Soothsayer

Paul’s Peerless College Football Picks      Saturday, October 22 Houston 31   Navy 21 Duke 34  Miami 31 Notre Dame 37 UNLV 20 Texas Tech 42 West Virginia 27 Rice 28  Louisiana Tech 27 Ole Miss 35 LSU 31 UCLA 37 Oregon 35 Tulane 31 Memphis 27 Wisconsin 38 Purdue 28 Maryland 35 Northwestern 27 Missouri 42 […]

08/30/22 Cutdown Day in the NFL

Let’s go, Serena!  One more run!  Do it! Looks like Jimmy G. is staying with the Niners in 2022. Makes sense to me. Always has. He’ll get a fresh start with another team next season, and will avoid being a one-year caretaker somewhere. I know the price tag is steep, but this is also good […]

08/28/22 Nah. It ain’t witch season.

“The evidence was planted.” No, it wasn’t. “I declassified all of that material.” No, you didn’t. “They didn’t have to break into my house.” Yeah, they did. All other options had been exhausted. “Those are my documents!” Are you kidding? “This is a witch hunt!” Nah. It ain’t witch season. “This is all politically motivated!” […]