08/30/22 Cutdown Day in the NFL

Let’s go, Serena!  One more run!  Do it! Looks like Jimmy G. is staying with the Niners in 2022. Makes sense to me. Always has. He’ll get a fresh start with another team next season, and will avoid being a one-year caretaker somewhere. I know the price tag is steep, but this is also good […]

08/28/22 Nah. It ain’t witch season.

“The evidence was planted.” No, it wasn’t. “I declassified all of that material.” No, you didn’t. “They didn’t have to break into my house.” Yeah, they did. All other options had been exhausted. “Those are my documents!” Are you kidding? “This is a witch hunt!” Nah. It ain’t witch season. “This is all politically motivated!” […]


Apparently, some of you need to be reminded that virtually all of the testimony and evidence entered against Donald Trump in his Ceaseless Series of Scandals has been provided by Republicans, many of them previously dyed-in-the-wool Trump loyalists. So how can these multiple investigations be “politically motivated” or “partisan witch hunts”? How is Trump being […]


I think there may have been more social, tribal, collective and personal dynamics going on in that Super Bowl than any of the previous 55. That was some intense stuff. The losers I want to cry. And the winners want to retire. Some souls got wrecked. On both teams. Because even winning just hurt too […]


Two things struck me about Aaron Rodgers’ MVP acceptance speech: It was very gracious, and at times contrite and even self-deprecating. It was written and delivered in the past tense. I think that’s it, at least in Green Bay. This was an eye-opener. If the vote on NFL Comeback Player of the Year had been […]


I think the Bengal defense is vastly underrated and underappreciated. The single best in-game coaching adjustments I’ve seen throughout the playoffs were the ones that Cincy DC Lou Anarumo dialed up in the second half against the Chiefs. Anarumo just quit trying to pressure Mahomes, and instead rushed three and dropped eight into zone coverage. […]

Sports Blog: 11/24/21

How old am I?  I’m so old I remember when Jason Garrett was a hot play caller. Wonder if JG now wants to take that (Joe) Judge out back of the courthouse and try a little bit of His Honor on? (“When you’re hot, you’re hot. When you’re not, you’re not.”) Yes, it has come […]

Paul’s Daily Ration: 11/03/21

At Radically Rational, we’re all about “Making Simple Sanity Sexy Again.” That’s why I’m actually encouraged by the result of the gubernatorial race in Virginia. Say WHAT? Yes. Absolutely. This may help nudge BOTH parties away from the Crazy Cliff. Glenn Youngkin proved you don’t have to be Trump Trash to win as a Republican. […]

Paul’s Daily Ration: 10/03/21

It’s always good when I can pull out this quote 37 years after the release of Sixteen Candles. “No more yanky my wanky!  The Donger need FOOD!” In this case, intellectual food.  No more bullshit. No more. No. More Fact. 700,000 Americans have died. Are you just oblivious to that number? 700,000. And counting. The […]