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Evil is not only immoral. Evil is also a form of incompetence. We currently have a wing of the Republican Party that is pure evil. Along with that comes incompetence. The GOP is “broke.”

They lie. Routinely. Serially. They do not renounce nor in many cases deny lying. Lying is now SOP for these shameless charlatans. They now are coming after legitimate “Fact Checkers.”  So now, not only is lying ok, but anyone who calls out lies and liars is to be attacked.

They have declared war on voting rights. These are not “Voter ID” laws. They are voter suppression laws.

They are installing partisan “poll watchers.” These are not objective observers. They are tribal thugs.

They are creating mechanisms by which the legitimate results of legitimate elections can simply be “overturned.” This is America?

They have declared war on science. They have declared war on math. They have absolutely declared war on women.

Above all, they have declared war on truth.

They say people should be able to control their bodies. And they either don’t see the irony, or don’t care.

They have redefined soulless selfishness as “freedom.”

They are banning books.

And they are cynically, and in many cases blatantly illegally, gerrymandering congressional districts.

They say they support business. But they won’t let businesses run their businesses.

They say they are champions of local control. But they won’t let locals control themselves.

They have in many cases, simply openly renounced democracy. They don’t like it.

Here in Texas, they are installing a blatant Trump Big Lie Toadie as an election official.

And they do this in the name of “patriotism.”

Anyone who would risk forfeiting our true American Exceptionalism and enlightenment in favor of purely partisan opportunism is not a patriot, but rather a mere transactionalist.

It’s evil. And evil is absolutely a form of incompetence.

On the other hand, obvious incompetence is also a form of incompetence. So don’t look for Democrats to save the day anytime soon. F-Troop.

We’re all familiar with the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

It’s broke. And it must be fixed.

I historically have had journalistic respect for the Wall Street Journal. That is now shaken. The WSJ just published an unedited “letter” penned by former President Donald Trump that is simply a demonstrable pack of lies, all centered around The Big Lie.

Yes, there can be legitimate journalistic utility in publishing the letter. But only if it is done so to challenge and reject the lies it contains.

The WSJ simply got out of his way. That’s not journalism. That’s prostitution.

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  1. I certainly agree with everything written here. I remember when lying, at the Catholic school I attended in Rhode Island, was the worst of all sins (at least in elementary school). What I do NOT understand is how we got here. Dr. Jonas Salk was a national hero. I am sure he had flaws, he may not always have been right but he was a hero. He saved countless lives from the scourge of polio. Now? Dr. Anthony Fauci is a pariah in many quarters. A Holy Cross College undergrad, a Cornell U. med grad, he has spent 40 years in his profession. But we suddenly have “alternate sources” of information that contradict him? Make him a liar? Seriously. How’d that happen? How DID we get here?

    1. I would suggest it is a form of personal and societal narcissism. Folks now honestly think they know more about any given subject than the nation’s and world’s most learned authorities on those subjects. That’s not rational.

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