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The CFP Committee got it exactly right. Right four teams. Right order. The way things shook out Saturday, this was a tap-in.  And still I hear people bitching, primarily because they love to hear themselves bitch, and had already decided they were going to bitch regardless of what the committee did. They have no case.

The committee’s charge is to get the best four teams in the country. Mission accomplished.

All intrigue ended when Oklahoma State couldn’t get in from inside the one. This might have gotten interesting (and controversial) if the committee had to pick between a one-loss Big-12 champ in OSU, and an undefeated Group of Five winner in Cincinnati.

But…nah.  That didn’t happen.  So, quit your mindless griping and grab a beer. Or at least bring me one…

Get this. I actually had a clown tell me on social media that Georgia doesn’t belong in the CFP. Don’t forget the floppy shoes, Snacks. They complete the ensemble.

You wanna do some righteous bellyaching? Preach on, UTSA fans. The WHAT Bowl? Dang, the Roadrunners are 12-1 and are the CUSA Champs, for goodness sake. Hey, the matchup against San Diego State is actually tasty, but that is more than can be said for the locale, venue and Smoothie.  Say WHAT?

Sure, I flipped through all the bowl matchups last night.  Yeah, a few caught my eye, beyond the obvious ones.

“Kinda Cool” would include:

Western Kentucky vs. Appalachian State

UTEP vs. Fresno State


Louisiana vs. Marshall

Missouri vs. Army

Houston vs. Auburn

Air Force vs. Louisville

UCLA vs. NC State

West Virginia vs. Minnesota

Clemson vs. Iowa State

Michigan State vs. Pittsburgh (Slide, Kenny, slide!)

Wake Forest vs. Texas A&M

Ole Miss vs. Baylor


Valero Alamo Bowl.  Au Jus vs. The Quacks

This one will get all kinds of attention…and once again, huge ratings. Brent Venables is heading back to Norman as head coach, and Mario Cristobal is looking like the new guy at Miami.  How’d you like to be Manny Diaz?  He is still the head coach at Miami, even though some other bear is now sleeping in his bed.


What a Sunday in the ENNEFFELL. The day reminded me of the Hollies’ Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress. That had it all.

Starting with the Lions. Beautifully won. And then beautifully handled by Dan Campbell and his players.  God bless Oxford, Michigan.

John Harbaugh was right to go for two.  He was, as he later explained, out of cornerbacks. Plus, he had a wonderful two-point play polished up and ready to go. Perfect play call, and it opened up like the Red Sea. And then Lamar Jackson blew the layup. Sure, TE Mark Andrews could have caught the ball. But you can’t miss throws like that. And that’s why the Ravens, as good as they are, and Jackson, as good as he is, are not going to win a Super Bowl anytime soon.

Most relieved man in Pittsburgh? Steelers kicker Chris Boswell. That was the ugliest PAT attempt I’ve seen since one of mine in the 7th grade.

That was a bad loss, Vikings.  And, yeah, I’m feeling that Zimmer is on his way out.

That was a VERY bad loss, Bengals. Just when you were looking great…

And that was not cool at all, 49ers.

Does Houston still have an NFL team?  Look, I’m actually pretty forgiving as a fan. Unless there is an effort problem. And that was an effort problem.

The Arizona Cardinals are 10-2, and clearly the best team in football right now. And nobody is paying attention.

Hey, say this for Teddy. Last night when he threw a pick, he at least ATTEMPTED (unsuccessfully) to make a tackle. That’s progress, right?

That’s five straight wins for the Chiefs. And it’s been all defense?

And then there’s this. Broncos CB Pat Surtain II is very talented, and is going to be a great NFL player for a long time. But he had a chance to (legally!) cut Mahomes in half at the goal line, and he backed off. Teammates and coaches noticed that, I promise you.

Did you notice who the Cowboys play next Sunday? The WFT, winners of four in a row. That D is finally living up to its billing, and Heinicke is becoming a folk hero.

Seems like 15 minutes ago the Dolphins were 1-7. Now they’re 6-7.

Tonight? The 8-4 Pats put their six-game winning streak on the line against the 7-4 Bills. I’m there for the duration!

Oh, you didn’t really think I forgot, did you?  It’s December 6. Fifty-two years ago today in Fayetteville. The Big Shootout. Texas 15, Arkansas 14.

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