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Yup. This is a dicey deal. There are no guarantees that any of this will play out well, or even without global disaster.

But so far, we, the United States of America, have been pitch-perfect in dealing with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


And when was the last time we did anything on the global stage in a pitch-perfect manner?

Let’s just say that certainly you’d at least have to go back to sometime prior to January 20, 2017 to answer that question.

I have been frequently critical of Joe Biden. And I no doubt will be again.

But he is crushing this one. He’s dealing. And leading. And conducting himself as an American president should when confronted with an international crisis.

It is true that Biden has yet to deliver on many of his campaign promises. Some of that is his fault. Some of it is circumstantial. Some of it is just buzzard luck.

But he promised that he would re-establish and rebuild our integrity globally. He promised we would re-earn the trust of our allies and re-state our disdain for rogue states and criminal nations. He promised we would once again be a beacon for international sanity and responsibility.

He has more than made good on that promise. And here’s to Antony Blinken, who has repaired in just one year much if not all of the international diplomatic damage done by the Trump Administration.

Biden has been two steps ahead of Putin at every turn. I would submit that out-flanking and out-thinking Putin is probably better for our national interests than was four years of kissing his tuchus.

Our intelligence operations have prevailed. Our strategy has been brilliant and our tactics have been deftly executed at lightning speed.

We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. And we are doing all we rightly, intelligently, and legally can to help them. We will no doubt honor our NATO commitments. If Putin crosses into a NATO country, we have a different kettle of fish.

But while we will help Ukraine by providing arms and by strangling the Russian economy and isolating Putin, we have a right to protect our interests as well. In fact, we have an obligation to protect our interests and always make that our priority.

Those who are calling for the U.S. to launch a surgical military strike to wipe out that 40-mile-long Russian convoy are wrong. As are those who want us to impose a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine.

Getting into any direct military contact with Russian forces is not in our best interests. It is also not in the world’s best interests. And that means that ultimately it is not in Ukraine’s best interests.

Sadly, this tragic symphony is not over, and it could go off key at any moment.

But up to this note, Joe Biden and the United States of America have been pitch-perfect.

That feels pretty good.

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  1. Finally. Some sanity. To those who say, “We need to show Putin who’s boss” I say read the above. Strike the 40 mile column? Impose a “no-fly zone?” It’s quick, it’s pretty easy and it will lead to a MUCH wider war in Europe. So. instead of beating his chest, Pres. Biden is leading with smarts and common sense. It may be difficult to give him credit because it’s been so long since we’ve had that in the Oval Office. Well done Radically Rational. You nailed it this time!

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