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That turned out to be a play-out game for the Spurs in New Orleans. Hey, that carnival is contrived, but it’s reality in the NBA, and I do applaud the Spurs for going on a late regular season run to make it to the midway. That team played hard this season, and that’s pretty much all I ever ask as a fan.

If this is it (apologies to Huey Lewis) for Pop, I’ll save the sap for later.

I’m guessing the Hornets’ Miles Bridges has played his way out of a few games to start next season. He threw his mouthpiece at a young fan after he was ejected from last night’s play-in loss to the Hawks. And unlike many of his shots and passes, the mouthpiece hit its target. Adam “Quick” Silver will no doubt take a dim view of this.

I have become an unabashed Derek Carr fan, and I’m delighted he has signed a big three-year extension with the Raiders that includes a no-trade clause. Carr is a true leader of men.

And then there’s Baker Mayfield. Oy. That guy can’t get out of his own way. His self-dug hole got deeper Wednesday when he pretty much blamed everybody and everything in the Milky Way (except himself) for his four-year career rollercoaster in Cleveland. He of course played the “disrespected” card before making some curious observations about “leadership.” Mayfield said it was easy for him to lead teammates in college, but almost impossible for him to do so in the NFL because his Browns teammates make a lot of money. Well, Seahawks players make a lot of money, too. Baker says Seattle appears to be his most likely landing spot. Are you sure you want this headache, Pete Carroll?

Round One of the Draft is two weeks from tonight. I did some speed-dating on the NFL Network yesterday afternoon. I was dazzled…dazzled, I tell you…by Penn State receiver Jahan Dotson. Marry me?

The latest iteration of the USFL starts up Saturday in Birmingham. I’ll take it!  And Son of XFL—which begins next year—is taking a very progressive approach—filling its head coaching ranks with former NFL coaches and players, adopting innovative rules and partnering with the NFL Alumni Academy to develop players. This is good for the sport, in my estimation.

Former LSU coach Ed Orgeron is trying to hook his sons up with coaching positions. Eddie O. and two of his boys are making a spring football stop in South Bend this week to see what’s up at Notre Dame, and have been welcomed by Irish coach Marcus Freeman. The Big O told the Domers they’re going to win the national championship next season. It played well with his audience, but I wonder if Ed would be willing to match my twenty on that bet.

Look, I understand why Sarkisian is pissed off at defensive lineman Moro Ojomo for speaking out about the foundational problems in the Longhorn football culture. I get it. Keep it in house, etc. But I also get this. EVERYTHING Ojomo said was spot on.

The Dodgers pulled Clayton Kershaw out of Wednesday’s game against the Twins after seven innings, even though he had a perfect game working. Good decision, in my view, and Kershaw was fine with it. Kershaw missed two months in 2021 with arm inflammation, and it was 38 degrees at Target Field in Minneapolis. It’s April. The goal is October.

Three homers for Vlad Guerrero Jr. in last night’s win over the Yankees, despite a bloody gash on his right ring finger. Two of those dingers were off Gerrit Cole, who later tipped his cap to Guerrero. Asked about that gesture after the game, Cole said, “Did you see his night? If you had a cap, you’d tip it, too.” That’s the way ya do it.

Happy Thursday, all.

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I show up on time. I go like hell. I’m a good listener. I hold myself accountable. I own my mistakes. And I have a natural and an insatiable curiosity. I’m never afraid to say, “I don’t know,” when I don’t. But then I try to find out.

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