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I’m trying to find positivity. OK. I am now positive that neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will be president on January 20, 2025. That’s a good thing. It’s the only even remote chance we have to try to hit “reset.”

Biden barely has the support of a quarter of Democrats. Trump has now ingested a lethal amount of rat poison. Dead man walking, politically speaking. The ranks of “singers” desperate to save their own arses is swelling into the size of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Can you say, “Pompeo”?

But this is beyond interesting. Even as Biden fades into irrelevance, Dems are doing very well vs. the GOP in polling data. Very well. As my wife, BB, put it recently, “The Republicans are like the dog that finally caught the car it’s been chasing.  What are you gonna do now?”  Their cultural jihad will prove to be a suicide vest. It’s already happening. Special thanks to SCOTUS.

And we can’t even protect our vets who have been exposed to toxic burn pits? “Disgraceful” doesn’t even begin to describe that abdication.

But do you want something to be grateful for on this final Thursday of July? Be grateful you are not John Eastman. Or Mark Meadows. And I’m very doubtful that things will look any better for them next Thursday.

Do you get the feeling the Fed is walking around wearing a blindfold and hoping not to fall down a staircase? We have a unique set of economic factors in play. Historically unprecedented, in fact. Rampant inflation, but amidst what is still a robust job market—at least for the moment—even as we enter a de facto recession, official or not. If you’re trying to pilot this economy, it’s impossible to know which direction to move the stick. These steep rate hikes are going to inflict a lot of pain. But falling back into rampant unemployment would hurt even more, IMO.

But while we’re triaging crises, move climate change to the front of the queue. If we don’t fix that one, we won’t have a chance to fix any others. And if you are still in any measure of denial about this, there’s not a dunce cap on Earth big enough for you.

And this idea about planting a billion trees? Don’t laugh. It would make a ginormous difference.

Maybe you can figure out what game Joe Manchin is playing. But I can’t.

Certainly, Hunter Biden’s behavior has been disgraceful. Criminal? I don’t know. But if he has broken the law, go get him. Period.

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Paul's Bio

I clearly have the attention span of your median fruit fly.Look! Airplane!

Sorry. I’m back.

It’s both a curse and a blessing. I’ve never bought this stuff about, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” But I do think that a wide range of life experiences helps us grow as people, and helps us better relate to other people. I’ve been fortunate. And I am beyond grateful.

I show up on time. I go like hell. I’m a good listener. I hold myself accountable. I own my mistakes. And I have a natural and an insatiable curiosity. I’m never afraid to say, “I don’t know,” when I don’t. But then I try to find out.

The flip side is I’m a lousy ballroom dancer and my clothes sometimes fit me funny.

Stuff matters to me. I care. But while I take that stuff seriously, I try hard to never take myself seriously. As a result, I have sometimes been told, “Paul, it’s hard to tell when you’re serious and when you’re just having some fun. Which is it? Serious or fun?”

My answer is “yes.” But I think that is a legitimate criticism. I promise I’m going to work on that.

This has been the quickest and strangest half-century I’ve ever experienced. During that period, I’ve been afforded amazing opportunities in news and sports journalism across all platforms. I have taught wonderful students at the high school and collegiate level. Always, I learned more from them than they did from me. I’ve been a high school administrator. I spent ten seasons as a high school varsity football coach. I’ve been an advertising executive. I’ve hosted nationally syndicated television entertainment shows. In maybe the biggest honor I ever received, I was selected by NASA to be “Chet The Astronaut” for the “Land The Shuttle” simulator at Space Center Houston. (All I can say there, is “Do as I say, not as I do.” I put that thing in the Everglades more often than not.) Most recently, I just wrapped up a decade as a television news director, during which time our teams distinguished themselves in holding the powerful accountable, achieving both critical and ratings success.

What does all that mean? It means I am profoundly grateful. It also means I’m ready for “next.” So here we are. Radically Rational. It’s an idea I woke up with in 2017. I scribbled “Radically Rational” on a piece of notebook paper and used a magnet to stick it on our refrigerator. I saw it every day, and it just would not leave me alone.

I am second in charge at Radically Rational, LLC. My wife, Jo (also known as BB), is the president. Clearly, I have failed in my attempt to sleep my way to the top of this organization.

I hope you will learn that I’m loyal as a Labrador. But I will admit that this doggie can bite every now and then. My promise to you? I will show up on time. I will go like hell. I will listen to you earnestly and attentively. I will hold myself accountable. I will never be the least bit hesitant to say, “I don’t know,” when I don’t.

But then I’ll try to find out. Let’s do it.