09/12/22 Hey, but they’re still “America’s Team,” right?

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“Some gotta win,

Some gotta loo-oo-oo-ooz.

Goodtime Charlie’s got the blues…”

Danny O’Keefe was right. There is some Monday morning gutbucket wretching going on the the EnnEffEll. And your Dallas Cowboys are singing lead.

I’m at a loss as to how best to frame my thoughts. Empathetic? Stoic? Fatalistic? Sarcastic?

For the moment, I think I’ll opt for “realistic.”

Look at it this way. They weren’t going to be very good anyway.

That was painfully apparent even before Dak got “One for the Thumb.” That offensive line is FUBAR, thanks to a series of poor decisions by Lil’ Abner. CeeDee Lamb is a nice player, but he’s not ready to be any contender’s Number One, particularly when the other receivers currently on that roster are warmed-over Number Two.

Is it possible for an NFL defense to play fourteen in the box? ‘Cause that’s what it’s gonna look like for the rest of this season.

Sixty minutes. Three points.

Yes, there are some Cowboys for whom I feel very badly, starting with Micah Parsons.

But now I eagerly anticipate the predictable and pathetic Monday morning social media memes.

“We’re still America’s Team!”

“We still sell more jerseys than any other NFL team!”

“We still get better TV ratings than anyone else!”

“We still Da Boys!”


Lil’ Abner has brainwashed you. And he’ll provide a distraction for you here in just a couple of weeks when he (tardily) cans McCarthy.

Yeah, look, I was already a little jagged after watching the Texans squander a 17-point lead.  How many yards did Taylor end up with, anyway? (161, if you must know.)

Also singing Sad Songs on this Monday morning:

Packers. They didn’t just play bad. They ARE bad. And it’s not gonna get much better.

‘Niners. Let’s see. Who was it who told you the Bears would ambush them? Stay loose, Jimmy G.

Panthers. Baker almost got his pound of flesh. Almost.

Cardinals. (Have I mentioned in the past 15 minutes how little respect I have for Kyler Murray?)

Patriots. Remember those two decades when they were relevant?

And the Falcons are still the Falcons.

Damn, Paul. Don’t you have anything nice to say about anybody?  Yes, that was beautiful, Giants.

Ambivalence, thy name is Steelers. Great win. But then there’s that torn pec. Is that part of the Watt genome?

Yeah, I watched Brady pretty closely Sunday night. He was inconsistent, but please don’t question the strength of his 45-year-old right arm. In fact, it looks livelier than ever to me. But the Bucs’ offense may hit a speed-bump if Chris Godwin is lost for any appreciable amount of time.

Changing focus, don’t you know ‘Bama’s Tuesday practice is gonna be fun? Fifteen penalties? Nicky ain’t gonna like that.

Hell, yes, I was impressed with Quinn Ewers. And I feel awful about his clavicle injury. But now I’m gonna piss some of you off. The hit that put him out of the game (and out of the remainder of September, at least)?  It was illegal, and under the letter of the law properly drew a flag. But I did not consider it a “dirty” hit.

Yes, ‘Horns. That was a great effort.  Now you’d better turn the page. UTSA could absolutely knock you off if you’re still replaying the ‘Bama game.

Mark Stoops…Mark Stoops…now has more football coaching victories at Kentucky than Pallbear Bryant. I think that’s pretty cool, actually. And Calipari, you can stop being a condescending jackass.

Hey, I checked the new rankings. Anyone seen Notre Dame?

And that Frost is now finally off the punkin’ in Lincoln.

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