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Rational people can’t understand how Trumpers can remain devoted to him as his legal issues, moral and ethical failings, unrelenting lies and clearly apparent mental health problems accelerate.

One big reason is that most MAGAs never hear about them. They’re glued to Fox, and Fox is unglued from facts, reality and any sense of journalistic integrity. For example, Fox never once mentioned the $83.3 million dollars in damages a civil jury assessed Trump for serially defaming E. Jean Carroll after a jury had already found him liable for sexually abusing her.

I guess Fox just decided it wasn’t newsworthy.

Yes, we have a crisis at the border. No one denies it. No one. A bipartisan deal that would significantly improve our ability to control our bodies is reachable. And the proposed deal includes a heavy dose of Republican demands. So let’s do it, right?

Nah, Trump is trying to tank the deal. He’d rather prolong the immigration crisis so that he can blame Biden on the campaign trail for not fixing it. He demands that Biden fix this even as he prevents Biden from having a chance to fix it. Trump cares not a whit about the issue. He seeks only to exploit it.

And while we’re on the subject of border exploitation, what a piece of…work…Greg Abbott is. Abbott appears ready to ignore a SCOTUS decision that reaffirms federal sovereignty over immigration and border security issues, as is clearly stated in all legal precedents. But that won’t stop Dunceton Abby, who clearly is angling to be Trump’s running mate.

But at least Abbott has succeeded in “eliminating” rape in Texas, right?

The Republican National Committee scrapped a proposed resolution that would have named Trump the party’s “presumptive” presidential nominee, rendering the outcomes of remaining GOP primaries meaningless. But only after the RNC realized it was a bad look. Trump initially supported the idea, of course, until he realized he could appear gracious and small-d democratic by insisting the process play out.

Then he threatened anyone who contributes to Nikki Haley’s campaign with recrimination, ostracization and excommunication. How statesmanlike.

Israel had every right to defend itself and retaliate against Hamas following the October 7 attack. But under the direction of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has turned its “defense” into a wanton, merciless, unjustifiable campaign to slaughter Palestinian civilians—including children—in mass numbers. This “eradication” is a war crime under international law. Yes, the U.S. and Israel have had a “special” relationship since Israel was founded in 1948. But The Biden Administration must now make it clear to Netanyahu that America will not be a party to, and will not tolerate, these atrocities.

This is now a matter of OUR national security. The conflict is expanding, and Sunday claimed the lives of three American troops in a drone strike in Northeast Jordan. This could quickly fission out of control in the region—and beyond.

Say “no” to Netanyahu.

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I clearly have the attention span of your median fruit fly.Look! Airplane!

Sorry. I’m back.

It’s both a curse and a blessing. I’ve never bought this stuff about, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” But I do think that a wide range of life experiences helps us grow as people, and helps us better relate to other people. I’ve been fortunate. And I am beyond grateful.

I show up on time. I go like hell. I’m a good listener. I hold myself accountable. I own my mistakes. And I have a natural and an insatiable curiosity. I’m never afraid to say, “I don’t know,” when I don’t. But then I try to find out.

The flip side is I’m a lousy ballroom dancer and my clothes sometimes fit me funny.

Stuff matters to me. I care. But while I take that stuff seriously, I try hard to never take myself seriously. As a result, I have sometimes been told, “Paul, it’s hard to tell when you’re serious and when you’re just having some fun. Which is it? Serious or fun?”

My answer is “yes.” But I think that is a legitimate criticism. I promise I’m going to work on that.

This has been the quickest and strangest half-century I’ve ever experienced. During that period, I’ve been afforded amazing opportunities in news and sports journalism across all platforms. I have taught wonderful students at the high school and collegiate level. Always, I learned more from them than they did from me. I’ve been a high school administrator. I spent ten seasons as a high school varsity football coach. I’ve been an advertising executive. I’ve hosted nationally syndicated television entertainment shows. In maybe the biggest honor I ever received, I was selected by NASA to be “Chet The Astronaut” for the “Land The Shuttle” simulator at Space Center Houston. (All I can say there, is “Do as I say, not as I do.” I put that thing in the Everglades more often than not.) Most recently, I just wrapped up a decade as a television news director, during which time our teams distinguished themselves in holding the powerful accountable, achieving both critical and ratings success.

What does all that mean? It means I am profoundly grateful. It also means I’m ready for “next.” So here we are. Radically Rational. It’s an idea I woke up with in 2017. I scribbled “Radically Rational” on a piece of notebook paper and used a magnet to stick it on our refrigerator. I saw it every day, and it just would not leave me alone.

I am second in charge at Radically Rational, LLC. My wife, Jo (also known as BB), is the president. Clearly, I have failed in my attempt to sleep my way to the top of this organization.

I hope you will learn that I’m loyal as a Labrador. But I will admit that this doggie can bite every now and then. My promise to you? I will show up on time. I will go like hell. I will listen to you earnestly and attentively. I will hold myself accountable. I will never be the least bit hesitant to say, “I don’t know,” when I don’t.

But then I’ll try to find out. Let’s do it.