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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell makes a reported $50 million a year.  He not only is worth every penny of that, he is a bargain.

Quick Eco 101 lesson. None of us gets paid according to our “contributions to society.” If we did, then the highest paid people in this country would be teachers and sanitation workers.

Nope. We get paid according to how much money we make for our employer, and how much money we save for our employer. It’s called “capitalism.”

I wasn’t always a huge fan of The Jolly Roger. I’ve changed my tune. He’s a stud. He’s a genius. That initially became evident last season, when he somehow got the NFL through the first wave of the pandemic without missing a single game.

But what he did yesterday was the boldest and most ingenious stroke taken by any American major sports commissioner in recent memory. It was masterful.

Last year the NFL, like all of us, was at the mercy of the virus. This year we all have the capacity to control it if we want to.  And Goodell wants to. And he’s doing it.

Under the collective bargaining agreement, the NFL cannot force players to get vaccinated. But the league can certainly “incentivize” vaccination. And Roger The Hammer did that yesterday.  Here’s your “incentive.”  Get your ignorant ass vaccinated or risk losing games and losing paychecks.

Well…since you put it that way…

The Commissioner’s edict is completely legal. (Uhh, he is a highly trained lawyer, if you have forgotten that.) It is brilliant in that it moves the focus of enforcement and suasion to the 32 individual teams and the majority of NFL players who have rationally chosen vaccination.

If you’re unvaccinated, you’re going to wear The Scarlet U.

Locker room reality now. “If we have to forfeit a game, it’s on you, moron. And if we have to miss game checks, my wife is gonna beat your ass.”

Genius. Fifty mill a year?  The Jolly Roger would be a bargain at four times that price.

He protected the league from losing that amount of money or more with one memo yesterday.

One more thing on this subject.  D-Hop, I still love you. But STHU.  OK, one more “one more thing.” Cole Beasley is a full-on idiot.

I’m so upset about the death of Jets assistant coach Greg Knapp I can’t really write about it right now.

The Cowboys are saying DeMarcus Lawrence’s offseason back surgery is no big deal. There’s no such thing as back surgery that is “no big deal.” And that’s his third back surgery.

Dang, Bucs. Dem is some big rings…

Finally, I’m getting more than just my popcorn ready. This is gonna require combo nachos, hot wings, an ice tub full of malt liquor 40s and a box of HO-HOs.  I’m talking about this armed insurrection/attempted coup by Texas and Aus Jus. This is gonna get fun. And very quickly.

Thank you for being a “loving crowd.”  Happy weekend.

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