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“They were sent by a hit man.”   Yes.  They were. How do we know? “They” told us.

The Select Committee is “purely political”?  Day One did not look that way at all. At all. Republicans have no right to gripe. They were offered an opportunity to participate in a bi-lateral, bi-partisan commission, an offer that granted Kevin McCarthy everything he said he wanted. He and they declined. That of course was their right. But they have now forfeited any right to keep the Select Committee from moving forward. STHU.

And, Kevin The Weasel McCarthy, Kinzinger and Cheney are “Pelosi Republicans”? Sure you want to go down that road? Kinzinger and Cheney could not possibly be more politically opposed to Pelosi. Kinzinger and Cheney are genuine Conservatives, actually much more “conservative” than you are, Kevin The Weasel. And what exactly are the offenses committed by Kinzinger and Cheney?  Telling the truth? Refusing to lie? Showing up for work? Putting country above party? And you, Kevin The Weasel, don’t even have the guts to watch?  Not only are you not a “leader.” You are no man at all.

The DOJ says it will not defend gasbag, blowhard, panderer/grandstander Mo Brooks against civil suits filed by fellow lawmakers. The DOJ also says government employers and most private employers can mandate employee vaccinations. The Department of Veterans Affairs is already leading the way, as it should.

I like the (new) DOJ. In particular, I like Merrick Garland. Quiet hero. HTH was Bill Barr ever confirmed? Systemic failure.

Right on schedule.  I mean RIGHT on schedule. We’re right back in the COVID Cauldron, just 60 days after it looked like we were “running to daylight.” But the emergence of the Delta Variant, along with the continuation of public ignorance and partisan politicization, now has the U.S. on track to return to 200,000 new cases per day, a level of infection not seen since January. I roll my eyes at morons who say science has been wrong about COVID, and therefore can’t be trusted.  No, science has been frighteningly and depressingly accurate. Even in May when we were “looking good,” all of our leading medical experts and all of their computer models predicted this.

And now our children are in a completely helpless and vulnerable position as they head back to school. Greg Abbott, you are about to have (even more) blood on your hands. But you and your cohorts are all about “local control,” right?

Mask up in indoor public places. Again. Even the vaccinated. Fair warning, mouth-breathing Luddites. Don’t even THINK about spewing garbage about how the CDC “can’t keep its story straight” with respect to masks and vaccines. Seriously. I’ll drop you where you stand. You are the reason we are back in the soup. Yes, it is your fault. Yes, it is traceable to your ignorance and intransigence. Yes, we are holding you responsible. And yes, this will have social, economic and political consequences for you going forward.

Oh, and I don’t know that you “heard it from me” first. But you sure as hell heard it from me two months ago. As Yogi once said, “You can look it up.”

The CDC did make one mistake, though. It trusted the unvaccinated to operate on the “honor system” about public mask wearing. “Honor”?

Repeat after me. The unvaccinated cannot be allowed to control public policy.

While we’re on the subject of computer models, they are also NAILING predictions of the effects of Climate Change.  You might want to consider the possibility that science knows something about science.

Athletes suffer injuries that sometime make competing impossible or very unwise. These injuries are not always immediately apparent or visible. Simone Biles has such an injury, and I am fully supportive of her decision not to compete in the Olympic all-around competition.

I was disgusted but not surprised yesterday by reading and hearing primarily middle-aged males who cannot do one chin-up and couldn’t place higher than fifth in a four-man county fair cornhole competition questioning the mental toughness of Simone Biles.

I can’t wait for these Ug-lympics to end. Insanity.

A new race to the moon? This time not between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. This time its Jeff Bezos v. Elon Musk.

Did you check the results of yesterday’s special Congressional election in Texas? Maybe Le’Grande L’Orange isn’t the cinch kingmaker he thinks he is.

Hump Day. Hump ‘em if you got ‘em.

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I show up on time. I go like hell. I’m a good listener. I hold myself accountable. I own my mistakes. And I have a natural and an insatiable curiosity. I’m never afraid to say, “I don’t know,” when I don’t. But then I try to find out.

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