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Aaron Rodgers lied. And now he’s lying about his lying.

Preamble. All things considered, Aaron Rodgers is the most talented NFL quarterback I’ve seen. I’m 67. I’ve watched a lot of NFL football. I am not a “casual” viewer.

I’ve always liked Aaron Rodgers. Not in a fawning way. But he has always struck me as not only an astounding athlete, but also as a thinker.

I am now having to reassess the previous clause. If he really believes the garbage that came flying out of his mouth Friday, he lacks the “critical thinking skills” he claims to have.

More likely is that he is lying. That he knows he lied in August, and is now doubling down on his lying.

Rodgers’ dissembling about being “immunized” was absolutely a ruse and a deflection. And he knew exactly what he was doing.  And his statement yesterday that any subsequent misunderstanding was the fault of reporters for not “following up” is preposterous.

Aaron Rodgers is unvaccinated. By anyone’s honest definition, Aaron Rodgers is unvaccinated. And yet he has been trying to pass himself off as sort of quasi-vaccinated, as a special kind of “Aaron Rodgers Vaccinated,” like he’s entitled to a Rodgers Rate at State Farm.

He got caught. But he got caught only because he “caught” COVID. And now he’s backpedaling like he’s taking a 7-step drop following a play-fake.

You just threw a pick, Rodgers. And it’s a bad one. This is not a trivial or trifling matter.

And this was all done not only with the knowledge of the Packers’ organization, but with its active complicity and cooperation. It would be naïve to believe otherwise. The Packers have forfeited their dignity in their increasingly pathetic ongoing efforts to appease Rodgers and re-sign him.

For all of its faults and other missteps, the NFL has done a magnificent job in designing and executing its COVID protocols. Nothing short of magnificent.

Rodgers, with the Packers’ winking approval, has violated those protocols every single day since the start of training camp. In the process he has risked the health, welfare and perhaps even lives of others on a daily basis. And he has dishonestly jeopardized the “business” of the NFL.

Rodgers’ references to “bodily autonomy” would be hilarious if they weren’t so dangerous.

And his attempt to explain his decision to forgo vaccination after doing his “own research” and then to lie about it by claiming to be a brave warrior against “wokeness” is disgusting, offensive and insulting to our intelligence. It’s also insulting to HIS intelligence. That guy is smarter than that. I refuse to believe that even HE believes his own bullshit.

Who does he think he is, Ted Cruz?

News outlets are citing anonymous sources who say Rodgers will not face NFL suspension.

Why not? If this is not a suspendable offense, what could possibly be?

You got all fired up about DeflateGate, but not this?

And the discipline should not stop with Rodgers. The Packers were in of all of this. Not only should that organization by fined into pauperhood, but it should lose draft choices into the 22nd Century.  (Yeah, I know, I’m rollin’ now.)

And, yes, there are folks in the Green Bay front office who should lose their jobs before Monday morning.

Get busy, Jolly Roger.

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  1. Paul, good job. Just realize some of us just enjoy the humor these ”brainiacs” spew out of their pie holes, thinking they are all knowing and more intelligent than the person reading or listening to the drivel BS they are spewing. I always thought we should be intelligent enough to make up our own minds. (Hopefully after asking the right questions and sorting the the smoke clouds)
    When Walter Cronkite signed off at the end of his newscast, I felt more educated. Now days, you just choose whose agenda you want to endure.

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