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Let me get right to it. I think it’ll be Chiefs-Niners (again) in SB 56. Yeah, I know we did that two years ago, and it was a very interesting and entertaining game, with the Chiefs coming from behind in the fourth quarter.

We have some recent history here by which to frame today’s conference championship games. We’ve seen both Rams v. Niners and Chiefs v. Bengals within the past month.

Yoo hoo! Remember that Cincy beat KC in Week 17? Remember that Burrow threw for about six miles in that game. Remember how the Bengals cut to the (Ja’Marr) chase?

An instant replay is NOT impossible. Cincinnati is not “lucky.” Cincinnati is good, on both sides of the ball. And kicker Evan McPherson is money. If the Stripes can get Joe Mixon going, both as a runner and receiver, they’ll be better able to protect Burrow than they were last week against the Titans.

So, a Bengal victory is not the least bit implausible.

But it ain’t gonna happen. I ain’t crazy.

Too much Arrowhead. Too much Tyreek. Too much Mahomes. Too much Kelce. More than anything else, too much Andy.

Chiefs advance to their third SB in the last four years. 37-24.

Mixed clues in the NFC. Yeah, the Rams seem to finally be getting all that talent pointed in the same direction (despite almost blowing a 27-3 lead last week in Tampa).  Stafford has looked great in back-to-back playoff victories. Cam Akers put the ball on the ground a couple of times against the Bucs, but having him back lends balance to the Rams’ offense. That defensive front is now the flat-out bitch we all expected.

LA is at home. And if they pull this off, they’ll be at home again two weeks from today.

But whoya gonna call? RamBusters!

The Niners may have an actual title of ownership of the Rams, having beaten their divisional rival in their last six meetings. Yeah, I hear the “law of averages” stuff, but that’s not how this works.

It was just three weeks ago that the Horns jumped out to a quick 17-0 lead over SF and looked like they were gonna just run it up.

And here was how the Niners responded. They made no adjustments whatsoever. They just kept pounding the rock, and pounding Ram defenders with cross blocks, trap blocks, double-lead blocks and cut blocks. Stop me if you’ve heard this story. SF wiped out that early 17-point deficit and physically whipped the Rams. Again.

The Niners piss defenders off, and get them off their game while they’re looking around to see where the next sniper fire is coming from.

That diabolical scheme ruined the Cowboys, and ultimately proved the difference against the Packers at Lambeau, along with special teams.

And understand this about Jimmy G. He’s a good player. He is a smart player. He is a tough player. Yes, he has some limitations in the vertical passing game, especially now with his injured throwing thumb.

But the foundation of the Niner passing game is the slant off quick play action. And Jimmy G. has that number DOWN!

Let’s not forget that it was just three years ago that there were those in the Patriots organization who actively wanted Brady to retire (or to trade him) so they could throw the keys to Garoppolo.

Jimmy G. isn’t headed to the Hall of Fame.

But he is headed back to the Super Bowl. And Deebo is gonna whip it good.

RamBusters strike again.  SF 31 LA 27.

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